Roundabout Discussion From Facebook, What Are Your Thoughts


4 thoughts on “Roundabout Discussion From Facebook, What Are Your Thoughts

  1. While roundabouts might work in some areas, this particular spot is too tight. There’s 4 streets, then there will be a restaurant/shopping center entrance right there, there’s the 2 stop lights at Mill street, 2 drawbridges near by, and it’s right off a major highway. People here don’t know that you’re not supposed to stop at all before entering the roundabout, rather merge into at speed. So that’s 4 places where everyone is going to stop, then start, so that will ripple effect down every street involved. Plus with all of the bike path f**ery that the mayor is implementing as well.


    1. I agree with the poster here . Stupid idea intersection is never been a problem . I am through there 2 to 3 times a day never had a hassle in the last 20 years


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