Some Harsh Truth About Running This Site

No games and no jokes, it is time to really reveal some harsh truths in regards to this website. When I started this life of blogging in 2008 I had a purpose and reason for doing it. I grew In Popularity pretty quickly and because of this my list of people I included as enemies grew. When you discuss more things more people will not like what you have to say, sadly that’s the name of the game. I thrived in this environment and continued to grow in popularity (not saying it was because everyone loved me but more and more visitors were coming to see my site ). I was putting out 15-20 posts per day because I had much to say and a platform to say it.

One of the biggest things you must do if you discuss politics unfortunately is to cultivate relationships with politicians to obtain information that will set you apart from other sites. Behind the scenes access as it were. When you are relatively new to this world you end of making some deals with the devil per say. The enemy of my enemy is my friend mentality. Somewhere along the way I forgot a very important lesson, and that is that the overwhelming majority of these people I “worked” with don’t give two shits about me personally and only cared to the extent they could use me to do their dirty work. This goes the same for the overwhelming majority of visitors to this site.

The overwhelming majority of readers of this site don’t give a damn about what I’m going through or care period. You just want me to entertain you like a clown at a circus. Free entertainment at that. When I have asked for support through the years I have gotten little if any response from my readers. That was good enough for me 5 years ago but it’s not anymore. Think about how different you are from 11 years ago and tell me you haven’t changed. I have been through terrible loss, moved multiple times and recently my wife lost her job ( yes she worked for accurate optical) . Through no fault of the employees who worked hard for and at their job one day that was all over.

It is for the reasons above that I hardly ever post anymore. I’m not working for free to entertain you, to be shown that 99.9 percent don’t care one way or the other anyway. I had my glory days and reached my Gettysburg in the end of 2013. When I lost my Dad this all came to me that I didn’t want to waste more of my precious time on people and politicians who didn’t give a damn what I was going through and never even reached out. I have kept dragging along year after year because it is hard to let go of something that you built from scratch and made popular, only to see the winds of change and time erode all the joy from it. I have always been honest with you and just felt it was time to just say this to all in a post.

What does this mean for the future? I have no clue but I haven’t given a damn about this site for some time and most likely that won’t change. Google search glory days by Bruce Springsteen and you will know how I feel these days


18 thoughts on “Some Harsh Truth About Running This Site

  1. Ok, your on a honest run, then publish this, I’ve been one of your worst enemies. You started, or at least spent an enormous amount of energy fighting who then was known as turd boy. He was vile, dishonest, ruthless etc yet built a site people went to for the next shock effect or dirt he could dream up. He profited off of many good peoples misfortune, and sometimes honest mistakes, and more often than not, he simply directed the tone (and filth) the direction he chose. Your biggest mistake was when you started to do the EXACT same thing! Yes, it’s no secret your credibility of broken promises was also a HUGE downfall, but not as bad as the bed you decided to make. I sent in a comment (followed always by personal insults) that you came after me first by a large post (article) that was personally inflammatory and false about me. It grew to a forum of additional personal insults and lies, and because it drew a lot of attention, you allowed it to grow. At any point you could have verified very easily what I have stated. You have no idea who I really am as a person. Does this sound familiar with the blog and turd you originally went after? Was it really karma? So JT, you say the personal attacks and negativity didn’t, or today don’t affect you, we all know it did, and it does. Your human. I’ve directed more negativity and insults toward you, and built a small group of others to assist me, with one goal, to teach you a lesson. Turd boy will face his maker one day, regardless of the money he made off his site (minus his BS pay it forward) maybe you will learn before that, get away from the negative parts of your life, and find your heart. Now, I haven’t written this to get you to close this site (although you will never move forward spiritually until you do, and because of the past it’s way to late to ever turn it around) I am sure you can tell by certain consistencies in my style I will by absence keep my word and won’t comment anymore. I’m leaving actually praying you will make the positive turn in your life, and for the first time sending a comment without any insults, just a goodbye. Btw give up the pity party, your right people don’t care or have compassion when the source has acted like you have. So, you’ve always deleted my comments, let’s see if this one and only makes the day of light. Best wishes John


  2. Not a good way to get voters. Did you really think people were going to care about your personal life?? I’m sure they don’t come to your blog for that. As for myself I come to read the news and see what’s going on in our communities. Like the rest of us put your big boy underwear on and deal with it. We all have our own issues!!


  3. Kudos for keeping this blog active all this time. I joined the local blogosphere in 2007. I stayed away from politics and used my venue to post music videos, that accompanied my personal life experiences. My purpose was strictly cathartic. I met a couple good friends through my blog, so that counts for something. I feel for you, as I lost my brother (and best friend) and my mother in the span of two years. You are going to be fine, because you are a strong person. Best wishes!


  4. Truth is JT and this goes for anyone You can count your true friends on less than one hand. Don’t feel bad. It’s the reality of life. Don’t let this detour you are going through get you down. It’s hard but the human spirit is one of rebounding. Sounds to me like you need a distraction something to not take your mind off of things but to regroup. You can’t change people BUT you can change how they MAKE you feel. Don’t let them control you by getting upset, angry……. It’s not worth it. Consider keeping your blog going. It is a good hobby. Just don’t let it get to you or control you too much.


  5. I get it. It’s just the same old bullshit comments on here all the time:

    “What about this thing going on at the civic center?”

    “Jake Day is a socialist!”

    “WBOC is liberal fake news!”

    “(insert something about “Big Nose Bob Culver)”

    “OMG! Any improvements to Salisbury are not going to work! Da Bury Welfare thugs will kill you!”

    All this negativity sucks, and the FACT is that the commenters here are 100% to blame for this.


  6. You have very good writing skills.One would wonder where that began.Possibly in high school or maybe even earlier.I write sci fi under a pseudonym because I have an occasional failure & prefer to not be identified and ridiculed by critics.Regardless of where you go from here you should by all means continue to write.,and you do gravitate toward politics.My hope is that you don’t just vanish,because gifts are not given for no reason.At the very least you should be a contributor.


  7. Got to be difficult when you get nothing but negative nellies living in mommas basements or dickheads just wanting you to fail! Just know there are STILL some loyal followers that like YOU and your blog! Keep being honest and the dross (scum) will be washed away!!! Thanks for all the effort you put forth to give us honest news……


  8. I’ll give you all the change in my car cup holder and a good Arby’s coupon 6 roast beefs for $5.99. If we all pitch in we can keep him going guys.


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