New Contributors Coming Soon

I felt with the current environment happening across the Country that it was a great time to bring in some new contributors with differing views. Each Contributor will be responsible for the comments allowed on their post. I am still getting everything set back up and getting everything renewed so give it some time for everything to come back together. I am also going to be tightening the coverage area up and focusing exclusively on what I consider the lower eastern shore.  I have zero ill will or past grudges anymore so no articles will be aimed at anyone personally. I also owe nobody anything which allows me to really be fair. I have no agenda now other than to provide news to locals about what is happening that may impact their lives. The Covid-19 scare and the recent Protests over the horrible George Floyd death have shown me that we need to use these platforms to try to understand each other more and share situations that could impact our lives on a local level.

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  1. Great idea, honesty in reporting will be a fantastic balance to social media! Please just don’t let it be one sided like other blogs, if you get honest comments to a view please post them don’t DELETE it! People should be able to comment without cursing!


    • I agree. There needs to be a place where censorship is what is off limits. Everyone try to be of the mindset that if you disagree with a comment instead of cursing name calling try and counter the comment like you are a sensible person and not a raving lunatic. If raving lunatics appear ignore them. They are not worth the time to engage them . Also JT is there anyway to make the print a bit darker? It’s hard to see. Thanks


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