Charges Filed In Salisbury University Racist Graffiti Incident

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  1. This truly is the reason nationwide that no one except those stirring racism put in any effort to combat it! There is no problem….if criminals stop committing crimes, looters stop looting and destroying property we would live in a great place! These groups…antifa, Soros, Jackson, Sharpton, KKK these are what need defunding!!! Stop the money supporting them and they fade out of existence!


  2. Another test. Everything is done with God’s perfect timing. If you are more offended and have more to say over the President of the United States holding up a Bible then you do about this then you have failed this another heavenly test.


  3. 18 months is not long enough for a HATE CRIME PUNISHMENT! Look at the disturbance his prank caused in our area! People open your eyes!!!!!


  4. It’s truly is a sad time….this hoax at SU now the deal at Ollies all setup to try and get people all stirred up!! People should put this much effort in just trying to get along with one another, being polite to one another and helping each other without everything trying to be made into a racist ploy.


  5. Like we didn’t know this was going to end up another hoax. They always do The supply for racists outweighs the demand so they have to deface things with racial slurs them selves and try and blame it on white. This old man should be ashamed of himself.


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