John Psota selected as Wicomico county adminstrator

Fruitland City Manager John Psota has been appointed as the new County Administrator to replace Wayne Strausburg who will be retiring soon. Psota is well respected and can hopefully get the Wicomico County Government back on track.

8 Comments on “John Psota selected as Wicomico county adminstrator

  1. I agree that the County Executive form of Government should be removed and go back to a Council/Manager form of government the way it was until 2006. The voters barely passed this on the ballot and the ones that spearheaded this form of Government are out of the political scene and they clearly admitted it was a big mistake.

    Now who is going to spearhead a petition to have it put on the ballot for the November 2020 election? If you are serious about this you have less than 2 months to work on this.

    I am confident the voters would vote to go back to the Council/Manager form of government and it is needed and long overdue.


  2. Get Rid of the Wicomico County Executive Office Period! This must be a County employee defending this Office and waste of money position on here! Such a waste and I will personally spearhead a campaign to rid this county of this Parasite tick on the backs of good Wicomico County citizens when the time comes!!! Reallocate the money spent on this CREATED position and BUILD a new Sheriff’s Office!! Much more important!


  3. I hope John Psota know what he’s getting himself into. John better be ready to tell his boss, “No Bob, you can’t do that.” Culver is convinced that he can do whatever he wants, regardless of whether his whims are in conflict with the County Code, State or federal laws. Culver has a temper when he doesn’t get his way. Also John, watch out for the, pretend, Director of Finance. Just ask Weston about her. Good luck my friend, you’re going to need.


  4. You can’t defund the County Executive office. There is no other named position that is tasked with the day-to-day operations of Wicomico County than the County Executive. What I’m glad to see happened was the County Council choosing to eliminate that insane, made up, $126,820 Chief Finance Officer position. Interestingly, that is/was the same salary of the Director of Finance. Clearly, Culver wanted to create a safety


    • I beg to differ. The County Executive Office was created before the Sub-Prime Crisis in 2008. The reason it was created was that Wicomico County was going to Quadruple in population and that this position could sustain the County wirh revenues it would generate and for oversight like Counties across the bridge. Of course a County Executive would have been needed during this time But the Market CRASHED!!! Since the CRASH the County has not grown to a level to support a County Executive Position! This is a 3 Million dollar WASTE of hard working Taxpayer’s monies that could be allocated to the Wicomico County Sheriff”s Office to build a new Sheriff’s Dept.building that is greatly needed! The current Executive has been in no shape to continue running this county due to his Serious health crisis which is a complete waste of taxpayer’s money at this time! The County Administrator along with the County Council can definitely continue running the operations of the county just like they did before without a 3 MILLION DOLLAR a YEAR EXPEDITURE$$$$$$$$ Vote Out the Wicomico County Executive Office due to it’s FAILURE!!!!


      • The County Council has absolutely no role in the day-to-day activities of running Wicomico County. The Council’s role is purely and exclusively “Legislative”. Read the Wicomico County Charter. Also, the position of County Executive was not created on the belief that the population of Wicomico County was going to quadruple and the resulting new revenues would pay the cost of a County Executive administration. Remember the voter imposed “Revenue Cap”. The Revenue Cap limits the County’s revenue received through property taxes to no more than 2% of the previous year’s property tax revenues of amount increase equal to the consumer price index, which ever of the two is less. That means the population of Wicomico County could double, triple or quadruple in one year and Wicomico County could only collect no more than 2% of the previous year’s property tax revenues. That’s a harsh fact few people understand, or want to understand.


    • “Interestingly, that is/was the same salary of the Director of Finance.”

      NEWSFLASH: Wicomico County doesn’t have a Director of Finance.


  5. Now, We can defund the Wicomico County Executive Office! This Office cost Wicomico County Taxpayers over three million dollars a year! The County Administrator’s Office can easily take over responsibilities of the Executive Office which would save millions of dollars in the long run! The County Executive Office should of NEVER been voted in! Such a waste of Taxpayer dollars and resources for a useless and created Position! No bang for your buck here!!!


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