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  1. What’s funny is the Barkovitch’s pushed hard for a County Executive form of government to be voted on the ballot and it barely passed. After 4 years of Rick Pollitt they admitted they had made a mistake. Then both of them bailed out of politics and we are stuck with this abortion in Wicomico County. Time to get rid of it now.


  2. Culver is the problem and the reason why Wicomico County government is in the mess it currently is experiencing. Never during the Rick Pollitt era did the County have so many vacant department head positions and deliberate disregard to the Wicomico County Charter. Culver is an ignorant fool (boarding on being stupid) who has no idea what he’s doing. That’s the very reason you only saw Wayne Strausburg and Weston Young in discussions with the County Council. Culver never spent the time and isn’t capable of being able to comprehend the complexities of compliance to laws and the basics of economics. When he doesn’t get his way, he has a temper and unleashes it upon the very people who try in vain to explain to him the reasons why. Culver is the wrong person for the job of County Executive. Culver’s cancer is worse than the public knows. He not going to survive another six months and truly needs to resign.

    You get what you pay for. The County Executive salary has remained the same $85,000 since its creation. No qualified person in their right mind would campaign for the County Executive position and put forward the efforts of the job at the lowest paid County Executive position in the State of Maryland? Besides the latest efforts by the County Council to reduce the Director of Finance salary from $122,000 to $65,000, all other department heads, and the Director of Administration, have a greater salary than their boss. Here’s a surprise, with the added reduction in the Director of Administration salary, the Airport Manager is now the highest salary position in Wicomico County government. Can you believe that? The position of Airport Manager is so critical to the overall operations and management of all Wicomico County that it warrants the highest paid salary.

    The salary for our next County Executive simply needs to be increased. Strausburg was haul in $143,000+. Strausburg’s replacement will earn $122,000. Our next County Executive, if we want someone who has the qualities necessary to performing the intentions of the job needs to be increased to $140,000+.


    • I would like either the County Administrator position to be abolished or the County Executive position abolished. We do not need both! The County Executive is $85,000 dollars a year and the County Administrator is $120,000 dollars a year! A combined total of $205,000 dollars a year! The Executive Office cost the taxpayers approximately $3,000,000 million dollars a year for the office space, employees, benefits, take home vehicles, etc. Get rid of the Exective branch form of government! Right now nothing is getting done nor it ever will be by the Executive branch!! !Pathetic! I can’t wait until the next election to rid this county of this unneeded expediture! Vote out the Executive form of government for the citizens of Wicomico County!! Saving the lower shore MILLIONS!!


  3. How about the County Administrator Einstein???? We never had a Executive before and the recent conflict between this office and the County council shows me clearly to get rid of this invented position!! Never needed it before and surely do not need it now!!! The County functioned fine before an Executive was mistakenly voted in.


    • Is an administrator elected? If not then that is a worse idea. That means they are at the mercy of the council and not the voters Intelligent people want ever official to serve at the pleasure of those they represent


      • Is an administrator elected? If not then that is a worse idea.


        Wrong Answer!!! The administrator is appointed and works for the 7 elected council members and it is called a council-manager form of government. I has worked fine for many years and still works fine in other counties.
        That means they are at the mercy of the council and not the voters Intelligent people want ever official to serve at the pleasure of those they represent
        Obviously you aren’t one of the “Intelligent people” you describe. Enough said!


    • You are the Einstein. County admin form of government is asinine in that they have no accountability to the citizens. If you aren’t satisfied with the administrator people have to vote out usually a majority of the council. With county executive citizens only have to vote them out. Use your head. Do you want to choose who is the executive of the county or let others do it for you? You people and your ideas prove you are ignoramuses. No wonder the shore is a stinky toxic waste dumb when it should be being so close to DC and other major cities a bucolic paradise with a higher then average property values.


  4. and replace with what? Governments need an executive branch to function with any type of order.


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