Lowereasternshorenews Proudly Supports Law Enforcement

Good people have to be willing to stand for what they believe and I need to express my belief. The disgusting display shown all over the world of what those officers did to George Floyd was beyond unacceptable. I understand the outrage as you won’t find anyone white or black that thought that was appropriate.

However that is not the norm for the brave men and women in law enforcement around this Country. I have heard the shouts of black lives matter over and over on tv at protests and I agree 100% black lives do matter. I’m not sure where you thought that they didn’t. The actions of bad police officers are not a wide brush into the souls of every white person in the Country.

Each time I have seen videos of police misconduct on black or white people I am appalled at the actions of the individual officer, not at his entire department. The truth is the vast majority of police officers are good honest people. There are bad apples in every bunch . There are bad black people, there are bad white people it’s just the way the hearts of individual men or women are.

Now when you turn on a protest all you hear are acab (all cops are bastards) (f&$@ 12)( take the knee ) (defund the police). I think these protestors have been watching way too much Game of Thrones with wanting people to kneel before them. They know that there are many good cops and yet they yell these insults to get a rise out of the officers in the hopes they will lose their cool.

It is also very evident that people who have had run-ins with law enforcement or who do not like authority have joined these protests so they can get in police officers faces and call them names and tell them to F off. I have also heard veiled threats with people who disagree in a chat room with them. They want others to find out who you are and where they live. That right there is trying to intimidate people into not voicing their opinion which is what they claim they are out there doing. I was watching a protest last night that is filled with antifa and other progressive groups during which they were calling the officers faggots. Now I’m sorry I thought the liberal left was all about being welcoming to the gay/lesbian/transgender crowd. Yet, they use a derogatory word used for gay people to aim at police?

We are now part of a world where every time a Police officer simply tries to do his job they will have cell phones shoved in their faces waiting for anything that they can claim is police brutality. The issue they need to understand is if you resist arrest then the officers are going to have to use more force to subdue you. They can’t just be like o well he’s putting up a struggle better let him go. Is it good to have accountability? Absolutely, but it’s another thing entirely to be getting up in the officers faces while doing their job and wonder why they aren’t being nice to you. I fully support all police having body cams and if they are left off facing disciplinary actions.

We are lucky that anyone would even want to put on a badge today with them being targeted as public enemy #1. I think ultimately this is the goal. People have become afraid to disagree with the mob because the minute you do it’s because your racist and they want your LIFE in exchange for it. What we need is better training for officers to give them the courage to speak up when they know a fellow officer has done something wrong.

George Floyd’s death was a tragedy, but we don’t need it to become a travesty by using it as a way to further the divide in this Country.

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