All Police Should Walk Off The Job

With the total lack of respect and support being shown towards law enforcement in this Country, they should follow Atlanta PD’s example and just walk out the door. Those Atlanta officers did nothing wrong except enforce the law. It is always sad that someone dies in interactions with Police but if Rayshard Brooks hadn’t resisted and fought the police and fired their taser at them he wouldn’t be dead, I’m sorry that’s a reality . He had been drinking and driving , which meant he had been putting innocent people at risk for that decision alone. He wasn’t targeted for being black he was breaking the law.

Charging that officer with felony murder where he could possible face the death penalty is the last straw. Law abiding citizens must let their Government Officials hear how loud we can get in support of our brave men and women that put that shield on to protect us every day .

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  1. This is dangerous to publish and you should honestly be ashamed of yourself. If you sped this tome writing something that WASNT divisive and honestly a huge waste of time, imagine what you could’ve done. Maybe you would have a website that isn’t failing!


  2. I agree with you 100%


  3. Even if they don’t walk off police presence in minority neighborhoods is going to be non existence everywhere in the country now. This leads to more crime including murder. Look what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore. Demonizing the police is not the answer nor is protesting.


  4. Exactly!! A sever case of the blue flu….another bigger pandemic! Especially with the law enforcement details assigned for protection to societies elite politicians!


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