Salisbury Hires Ronald Strickler, Jr. To Serve as HCDD Director


Contact: Mayor’s Office

Ronald Strickler Jr. to Become Salisbury’s New HCDD Director

Salisbury – City Administrator Julia Glanz is pleased to announce Ronald Strickler Jr.’s appointment as Director of the City of Salisbury’s Housing and Community Development Department. This comes after current HCDD Director Everett Howard’s announcement to resume retirement on June 30, after 31 years serving the City of Salisbury. Howard spent 28 years with the Salisbury Police Department and the past three years with the City’s Housing and Community Development Department. Strickler has fifteen years of supervisory experience and served ten years as a Recreation Supervisor for the Town of Ocean City, Maryland, his first day with the City will be July 6th.

“Mr. Strickler’s leadership style, experience managing robust systems, and his ongoing commitment and passion for the community make him a great fit, not only for HCDD, but the City of Salisbury team as a whole. This Department is incredibly dynamic with three distinct divisions in Code Enforcement, Housing and Homelessness, and Youth Development. Mr. Strickler has all the attributes to continue to move this Department forward and serve the citizens of Salisbury with passion, vision, and dedication,”  said City Administrator Glanz.

Strickler’s vast array of skills includes administering recreational programs, managing multimillion-dollar facilities, and identifying and evaluating risk exposures, all while providing high-level customer service on the front end of the organization or business. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania in 2004, a park and recreation professional certification from the National Recreation and Parks Association.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Strickler has lived on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for the past fifteen years, working with many organizations in the public sector with close proximity to Salisbury over the past ten years, like the Town of Ocean City.

Looking ahead towards the future of the City of Salisbury’s Housing and Community Development Department, Strickler is excited to work with and get to know the local community, as well as make a difference in the lives of the people living in Salisbury.

“I look forward to working with a progressive government that is committed to enriching the lives of those we serve and which makes Salisbury a better place to work, live, and play. I am excited to partner with community leaders to highlight Salisbury’s diverse culture and cherish historic attributes that create a strong foundation to support growth and development in Salisbury and on the Eastern Shore at large,” shared Strickler.

“On behalf of the City of Salisbury, we thank Everett for his 31 years of service and stepping up to the position of Director 2 years ago. The Department has moved leaps and bounds since his taking control at the helm. We wish him well as he re-enters retirement and spends his well-earned time with his family,” added City Administrator Glanz.


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  1. Would be great if the city gets the grass cut at the old mall. Such an eye sore.


  2. Maybe it is time for some of the whites to give up their seats at the table to make room for a more DIVERSE city government? Isn’t that what Salisbury is supposed to be all about?


    • The same racist HOMO hijacking all the threads and calling someone else racist. I get it that you don’t like Jake Day but call it what it really is.


  3. Is this new guy one of Julia Glanz’s gay friends?


  4. What happened to Everett Howard? Something tells me he didn’t want to retire and was forced into it.


  5. Oh great, another one without code enforcement experience. No wonder the City of Salisbury is looking worse than it ever has with cars parked in front yards, grass growing out of sidewalks, 3 and 4 satelight dishes growing out of rental houses like they are weeds and trash everywhere.


  6. Yep Day admin as white as a KKK rally . Truer words not ever been spoken then this.


    • STFU you racist D!ckhead! I can’t stand Jake Day but saying he is racist because you didn’t get a job or a promotion is pathetic. Get a life you stupid creep.


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