Juneteenth Caravan Through Salisbury Tomorrow

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  1. All of these dumb white people putting Black Lives Matter crap on their Social Media pages and then you have the dumb white people marching with the BLM crowds. How dumb are they? These same black people don’t give a rats a$$ about white people and they are attacking and beating up white people. Stupid gullible idiots.


    • White people think it’s cute to be woke. It’s all an illusion though. All they do is talk but don’t walk the walk. Not one would dare buy a home in the black neighborhoods. None would dare take their kids to one of the parks in the black neighborhoods or join one of the Lake St teams. The white wokes are racists who think if they show up at things like the Juneteeth celebration and drag their kids along people will fall for their fake “inclusion” narrative. Again they are peeing up the black communities leg and trying to convince them it’s raining.


  2. It’s not about Black Lives it’s about Black Power, that is why you always see the Black Power fists. Wake up white America.


  3. JT the new format is awesome! Keep it clean and professional youโ€™ll do well.


  4. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ How Dumb do you sound? Lol Organizers were three black community leaders


    • Names please. What you claim is useless unless you provide names. But you won’t because you are a liar. That is all you people excel at is being liars.


  5. And no one commented on the black power fists? You can’t get any more racist than that.


  6. Who invented the name?? Somebody canโ€™t say nineteenth of June….EBONICS I guess……sad!


  7. Naw not for blacks. An event put together by whites without black input so whites can try and prove to all they arent racists. No different then the street renaming. Its all for whites trying to prove they arent racists. They are so racist they dont realize their actions in not consulting with blacks for their own holiday is racism at its highest level.


  8. What a joke!


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