Black Lives Matter Is A Sham

Well here we are almost a month after George Floyd was recorded with an Officers knee on his neck. I made a post about this a few weeks back and the reality that I didn’t want to see has become real. The Black Lives Matter organization has been manipulated and infiltrated by a leftist mob using their fight as a cover for anarchy.

I finished my post about the George Floyd incident and clearly said I hope they don’t make a travesty out of the tragedy. Guess what they have gone further than that.

If the Black Lives movement was for real the gains that have been made and supported by everyone after the George Floyd case would have been a victory for everyone . More police accountability , body cams a must and have to be left on with punishment if found otherwise . In the past few weeks as the protests continue it has become about anarchy and nothing to do with black lives.

I have watched each night and seen it with my own eyes, It’s now about having no police and no laws. Let’s topple every statue of anyone white. Let us take over police precincts, free prisoners etc etc. None of this is about George Floyd. It’s a group of millennial white college progressives mixing themselves into the black lives matter movement to further their anarchy rules idea.

They sound like children on the playground with their chants and their shining flashlights in officer eyes . I watched them blow smoke on the officers and shine laser pointers in their face. I wasn’t sitting thinking yea that will bring about justice for George Floyd , I wanted the Cops to grab the people and arrest them. They have been getting away with breaking the law and have made police afraid to even come in contact with them so they can claim brutality when an officer touches them.

We live in a land of law and order and we will maintain it. If you want real change then stop letting yourselves get played by progressive terrorist.

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  1. Now because of the good for nothing “protesters” coronavirus is on the rise. Not my words but the words of Dr Deborah Birx. She also said they destroyed over 70 testing sites.


  2. All lives matter!!


    • It’s terrible that so many blacks and whites prioritize murder. This is exactly why black youth are slaughtering each other. They are taught it is perfectly okay to kill other blacks even black children it is okay for them to murder. This is not the way normal people think and it certainly is not the Godly way. All lives matter unless you are not a Godly person. This is why all the black on black murders. God is trying to show them but they have turned their backs on God.


  3. Just as blacks have overwhelmingly voted stupidly they have also historically aligned themselves with wolves in sheep’s clothing. Take Obama for instance Most still idolize him which is incredibly stupid. All he is and was is a gate keeper keeping them blacks chained up and on that plantation. No one in the world can say anything positive he did for the black community He looks down on blacks. He wouldn’t dare live in a black or even diverse community To him blacks are to be seen not heard and they best vote democrat. The democrats held Congress the first 2 years of his presidency. He could have passed any police reform he wanted but didn’t. He ignored immigration reform as well.
    Now with BLM they are doing the same thing It’s utter stupidity. All BLM does is come in make messes out of black communities and leaves. The black communities then end up with major crime and more blight. Why would anyone in their right mind align themselves with an organisation that makes messes out of your own community? Only thing must be blacks love to bury their own killed by one of their own and must love living worse then many animals live in this country. If they didn’t love all of this they would tell BLM to go to hell.


  4. Yes, I whole heartedly agreed with this article. The “protests,” ” demostrations, ” are no longer about George Floyd. They have lost there focus. The focus was lost after the first week. Now, it has become a sham, just a playground t that has become whitewashed.


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