Julia Glanz , Jake Day And The City Of Salisbury Tell All Who Disagree They Simply Don’t Care

I was reading articles regarding the City Of Salisbury renaming Broad Street into Black Lives Matter Blvd and as suspected the sentiment that Jake Day has shown for years since elected Mayor has passed on to Julia Glanz. This is a screen clip from Julia’s interview with the Salisbury Independent regarding the renaming of the street.

“We Won’t Fear Alienating Those Who Choose Hate Over Equality”

The wording sounds so inspirational except when you think about who gets to decide what is hate and what is rational discussion regarding the choices a Liberal Mayor and a Liberal City Administrator make.

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  1. what a way to bring people together by saying if we don’t agree, you just don’t care.


  2. The whole thing was a joke. It was funny in that the street isn’t renamed at all. Then there were no black speakers that spoken of anything significant. Glanz had all the focus on her. The writing on the ground was great. It allows those who don’t agree with BLM to trample on the words with contempt. But really what kind of person encourages people to crawl all over the dirty public sidewalk? This speaks to Glanz and we know her heart and mind are soiled and dirty in other ways but she’s showed she is an all around dirty and unsanitary person. Very symbolic of her and the dirty people allowing children to crawling on the dirty ground writing things. I mean really what kind of person allows their child to crawl on a dirty public sidewalk! That is gross!


  3. glonz is such a liar. All she did was pee up the black community’s leg and is now trying to tell them it’s raining. That street wasn’t renamed at all. All they did was plop another sign on top of the real name-the name that will still be the address and on maps. She cares so little for the black community she can’t even be bothered to do it right. She needs to stop with that lying she does all the time. Lying is the only thing she has ever and will ever excel at.


  4. Why is she even the acting mayor? The city charter says the mayor is to be elected. This means the council president should be the acting mayor. Not that Day nor Glanz would know this. Between the 2 the total IQ is somewhere in the moron range.


  5. We’ll name church st. Dope st cause I’d love to be able to walk to the store with out being offered to sell me drugs and I’ve been clean for 8 years doesn’t make my battle easier


  6. Congratulations to both Jake and Julia for having the courage and political will to do the long overdue right thing. The overwhelming majority of Wicomico resident applause you.


    • Doing the right thing would be to hire more blacks in Day’s admin. The Day admin is as white as a KKK rally. Also it is really bad to falsely rename a street. That is an insult Either really rename the street or why bother.


    • Billy Earl stop with the lying. It is not cute. You have no idea if the “overwhelming majority of Wicomico residents” applaud her. Why is it you people can lie without a hint of embarrassment? Didn’t your parents or whatever it was that raised you teach you lying is wrong? Agina it is not cute to lie so unless and until you can comment without lying don’t bottler Comments from liars serve no purpose.


    • Applaud you.


      • LOL truth sucks doesn’t it. Oh how you people hate the truth. It’s a shame you think so little of the black community. The city pulled the wool right over their eyes. they won’t even give them the respect to really rename a street. that is racism at it’s highest level. pretending to name a street but not renaming it at all. the joke once again is on the black community and no one else.


  7. If the opportunity arises I would like to run for Mayor and the first thing I would do is send Julia Glanz packing. A nationwide search would be done for a real City Administrator. Andy Kitzrow would be removed from his job and the position eliminated. Caroline O’Hare would be removed from her position and anything connected to the Foke Festival would be eliminated. We can and will find real entertainment that everyone will love, not just Jake’s Liberal friends. Then every department head would have to apply for their jobs. All of this gay crap will be eliminated. All of this BLM crap will be eliminated. Jake Day’s city seal will go back to the real city seal. Jake Day’s flag will be eliminated and we will go back to the original city flag. Jake Day’s bike lanes will be scaled back. Jake Day’s roundabouts will be dug up. Mare Barrie Tilghman’s “Isabella Street Traffic Calmers” will be dug up and removed and Isabella Street will be normal again after more than 12 years. Something that Jim Ireton should have corrected when he was the Mare.

    The “Salisbury Festival” will go back to being the Salisbury Dogwood Festival and we will bring back many of the original vendors downtown Salisbury. The Salisbury Dogwood Festival will be a family-friendly event again with absolutely NO ghetto bands that brought the little thugs looking for free entertainment. There will be a positive police presence at every Salisbury event.

    Right now is not the right time to consider running for Mayor as long as these morons in Salisbury and Wicomico County thinks that Jake Day “is doing great things for Salisbury.” These people need to be “Woke” because Jake Day doesn’t like YOU and doesn’t care about YOU. People need to wake up and smell the coffee. As soon as people wake up I will file to run, but in the meantime, we are stuck with him. Keep up the good work exposing those clowns and eventually, he will be brought down.


    • Racist much?!? your hate of change for the better proves this


      • Oh please stop with the racist lie. Why is it when you people disagree with someone you haven’t the ability to disagree intelligently? All you people can do is holler racist. If you were raised with any morals you would be ashamed of yourself. The fact is blm has caused more destruction and death in black communities then the KKK ever did and ever will. So anyone who wants to be associated with BLM is not a good person. The death and destruction they have caused is the uncomfortable conversation the black community does not want. They avoid that like the plague.


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