Where Is Our Local Conservative Delegation When Liberal Policies Continue To Rule The Local Populace

The main thing that I have noticed with all the liberal progressive nonsense occurring locally is the total silence from our local conservative delegation.

As elected representatives for the conservatives on the shore where are they publicly standing up for our way of life?

They sit back quietly and say nothing about the BLM/Antifa movement happening around the Country. They have not stepped up vocally or garnered any press attention to back our brave men and women in law enforcement at this terrible time.

Mary Beth Carozza is the only one with the courage from this group that I have seen, to make a proud public statement supporting our brave law enforcement officials.

The others should be ashamed of being wishy washy cowards who are more worried about not offending people then about the conservatives who put them in the position they hold.

9 Comments on “Where Is Our Local Conservative Delegation When Liberal Policies Continue To Rule The Local Populace

  1. Good, the way that it should be.
    Republican areas are having their constituents die in droves of COVID.
    Although, if they are voting red no matter what, perhaps they should just die. The world will be better off.
    The world is moving forward, snowflakes. Get on the bus or get run over.


  2. Anderton is part of the left. He thinks he can play a Hogan and appease everyone.


  3. Maybe Cannon and Anderton are too busy with formulating a plan to oust Culver?


    • That is a fact. Anderton admitted earlier this week that he and Cannon met for lunch at the Back Street Grill and their discussion was overheard by employees there.


  4. The lack of any action by our Eastern Shore representatives is they simply have absolutely no idea what to do or say. They’re not about to stand up for the rights of everybody because then each one will be labeled a “RACIST”. They’re not about to introduce a “Stand Your Ground” law for Marylanders because then they’ll be labeled as supporting “White Supremacy”. And they sure as hell aren’t going to make a call for an Eastern Shore Militia because they don’t want the Black Lives Matter mobs storming their homes with demonstrations and God knows what else may escalate. Our Eastern Shore representatives will do nothing more than support Black Lives Matter agenda.


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