The Hype Is Real Delmar Pizza Review

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Meat Lovers Pizza

As someone who has lived on the shore their entire life, and obviously eaten too much food I realized I had never eaten or tasted anything from Delmar Pizza. Delmar Pizza has always had a reputation of having the best pizza on the shore , and having just experienced first hand I agree.

The pizza I ordered was the meat lovers just standard style. You can taste the freshness of the toppings upon your first bite. The Dough they use has a special taste to it that makes it stick out from the others I have had. The crust was amazing, it had the perfect amount of flavor and crisp . It was clearly a very freshly made pizza that was made by people who know how to make a pizza .

We also got the cheesesteak and fries which were also amazing. The steak was marinated and had the perfect blend of cheese with an amazing taste. The fries as well had a great crisp and flavor. I would definitely recommend trying this place out if you never have. It has become my go to place when I need subs or pizza.

Simply delicious


  1. Delmar Pizza has done a lot for the town of Delmar.They even have a Wildcat theme,which I appreciate because I graduated from Delmar High.In addition their pizza is great and they have a good selection for those who don’t wish to order a pizza.


  2. It appears that you cannot expect civil comments.Thanks for giving it a shot but your followers appear to be lacking.You deserve much more.


    1. I’ve got a feeling that you wrote this post as well. “Delmar Pizza has done a lot for the town of Delmar.” Am I correct?


  3. Not so with Delmar Pizza…you request extra you get it! I love their pizza….but wings and subs….Red Door is awesome when you base quality with price for their products!! Just my opinion.


  4. What I see as the ripoff is the fact that these pizza shops charge you more for the “extra toppings” but they actually give you fewer toppings of each that you paid for. Extra toppings is the biggest ripoff in the business.


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