Facts Don’t Lie More Whites Killed Than Blacks By Police

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  1. 13.4% of the population and 53% of the violent offenders.


  2. And you think you can make a difference? Please explain precisely how you will do that.I’ll check back later for your response.


  3. It’s a real shame that so many blacks have issues with being honest. Because most vote democrat this means they have not ever had a decent moral person in their lives ever. They lie about so much and without a hint of shame They could care less about black lives. They just want to show off with this blm lie. A black life only matters to them depending on who the murderer is. It is grotesque and disgusting what they teach their youth. This is why their youth has no qualms about blowing each others brains out. The fact that children are being gunned down and they could care less speaks to what disgusting people they are. God sees their ugly evil hearts and will continue to punish them as they so deserve.


  4. What’s the reference? These are absolute numbers fro some region or population not described.. They need to be adjusted for percent of total blacks in the population (US is 13.4%).. The results could vary wildly depending where you are counting. Montana 0.6% and DC is 46% . I’m sick of BLM and Marxists and their war on America.. But you got to use numbers correctly. Look at the crime stats compared to Black Pop – that’s a stat to talk about. But the race baiters won’t face the real problems.


  5. Absolutely correct!!! Its a fact that all these “non-violent” demonstrators will never acknowledge or the Dumbocrats!! Thanks for posting FACTS!!


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