Gordon’s In Crisfield Mask Wars

It seems as if someone decided going after Gordon’s for not making people wear masks was a good idea and has set the town into an uproar . Gordon’s is legendary so word of advise I would knock the shit off

15 Comments on “Gordon’s In Crisfield Mask Wars

  1. Lawsuits filed by those with breathing problems are stacking up like cordwood all over the US.One swipe of a pen would eradicate their ability to actually win a lawsuit and attorneys are requiring all money up front from the litigants.Anyone who files and pays a large up front fee is an idiot even if he/she can prove legit respiratory problems.Commercials are already out in force and should be ignored because face mask cases are unwinnable.


  2. If a place doesn’t make people wear masks then don’t go there. It’s real simple It’s no one’s business what they do. The problem is people want to show off is why they are getting on places that don’t enforce masks What I say to them is get a life you loser waste of air.


  3. Dont mess with Gordon’s it’s been here forever and we as a community love this place and stand beside them. If u dont like how things are done there dont go but dont judge those who do go.


  4. My thing is if you dont like or agree that they done wear a mask and you no it, then obviously dont go in their. Problem solved. Other than that leave them alone.


  5. You don’t have to wear a mask if you’re sitting to a table or counter if you’re eating or drinking


  6. I thought Maryland had a mandate for people to wear mask inside public businesses? If so….what’s the issue?


  7. A lot of the people in there are older. A lot have breathing issues. You can not eat or drink with a mask on. Leave Gordon’s alone.


      • Oh please. You have allowed yourself to be a paranoid mental case. FYI myself and several family members and almost 30 of our NY church members had it and not one had any more serious symptoms then what you would get with a cold. 2nd wk of March. Most of us would have brushed it off except for being asked to be tested by NY authorities after one person did go to their doctor for cough. No one hospitalized. Mild sore throat for 2 days tired and stuffy was about it for me except for a 2 wk cough. Even the cough not bad enough to take anything but a dose of OTC medicine 2 or 3 nights. A few children were positive but mostly adults and adults over 50. I also know of probably a 100 people who had it and not one of those hospitalized and same as us just symptoms as a normal cold. Doesn’t mean anyone should be stupid but to try and say you will get breathing problems is not true and shouldn’t be said. Providing false info is not ever good and makes you look uninformed and/or dishonest. The reality is many even had it and never knew it because symptoms were so mild. So again do not ever post false info.


        • Then you shouldn’t have posted this lie! So full of it hardly worth reading!


          • It’s the truth. Almost everyone who develops Covid has symptoms similar to the common cold. I know because I spent the better part of Mar/Apr delivering groceries and supplies to home bound Covid patients in Sussex Co. I did hear of several deaths but out of all the families I delivered to only one had someone hospitalized and she recovered. The rest about 40-50 people had from mild symptoms such as just being tired and a headache to flu like symptoms including the stomach flu.


      • “They will really having breathing issues if they get COVID-19!”

        What you are too stupid to understand is that the masks are to stop you from spreading droplets and boogers, not catching COVID, you dumb MORON!


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