Bob Culver Has Passed Away

Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver Has Passed Away

10 Comments on “Bob Culver Has Passed Away

  1. The Pscho Blogger has made another post on Culver and the great things he has done for the County Schools. Ask the Mardela residents about the great things he has done. Joe use a picture of Culver with Kindergarten kids and himself. The only time he has ever gone into a school to see the kids.

    The Pscho turned off comments because he doesn’t want people speaking the truth.


  2. I hear from reliable sources that the Wicomico Republican Central Committee is going to put forward their own Chairman, Nathaniel Sansom as their choice to replace Bob Culver.


    • Umm… The Central Committee has nothing to do with this appointment and I’m pretty sure it won’t be Carl Anderton either, Jon.


  3. Now Carl Anderton is sucking up to the council members to get the appointment for the free ride.


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