It’s Time For The Silent Majority To Stand Proud And Loud

As this continuing display of childish behavior from anarchist across the Country continues, it is time for the silent majority to stand out and be loud and proud. This isn’t a movement for black lives, this is liberal anarchists who want no rules and repercussions for their actions. A group of children who need participation trophies while waiting for their mommies to make their cereal for them.

We cannot continue to allow these children to feel so powerful because they are obnoxious. The brave men and women of law enforcement are having to deal with this nonsense continually, and we need to start showing support for them publicly and loudly.

The more we continue to sit back and allow this behavior the longer it will continue. Show your support with American flags and pro law enforcement attire. When organizers have back the blue rallies, show up and be loud. Create an event in your area and plan and organize. We must take our Country back.

11 Comments on “It’s Time For The Silent Majority To Stand Proud And Loud

  1. We need a County Executive that is going to clean house and start all over again. This county desperately needs it.


  2. The Psycho Blogger has made another post about Ennis yesterday morning and turned off the comments.

    Saturday, August 08, 2020
    A Viewer Writes: Michele Ennis

    Your write up is spot on! But – you left out the MAIN PLAYER- King Cobra- Wayne Strausburg! An angry old man that couldn’t accept a very intelligent young woman.

    It’s really going to be a shit show now!! There’s no one even close to her ability to step up!

    Truly a sad day for county taxpayers.
    at 8/08/2020 08:30:00 AM


  3. There is so much wrong with this post on the Psycho’s Blog! She obviously ran to him to plead her being the victim. If anyone in the county has been watching this she was never confirmed by the council per the charter and she was pretending to be a county employee illegally.

    BREAKING NEWS: Former Wicomico County Finance Director Just Fired

    Two hours ago the County Attorney and a Security Guard went to Michelle’s office and offered her two options. Either you resign or I will terminate you. Michelle chose the later, termination.

    Love Michelle or hate her, (like all council members did because most are men) she was dedicated to County Executive Bob Culver, (as she was supposed to do) and because so many council members despised Culver she’s had a target on her back for years.

    Michelle will move on and if there’s one thing I can assure you of, she’ll do far better career wise in the private sector then she’s had to endure working for the county.

    I will turn off comments because so many county council cowards will hide behind anonymous and continue to attack a female because educated women of power scare them to death.
    at 8/05/2020 12:05:00 PM


  4. blm won’t do anything but turn something into a racial issue! They are a joke, two times worse than KKK no use for either! What can they do with a comment! The pervert was caught and Law Enforcement will handle it! Not everything needs to be about a so called racial issue….favorite slogan Make America Great Again!! Trump / Pence 2020 best slogans ever!


  5. I think this is a question worth asking. Has Mare Jake Day or Acting Mare Julia Glanz made a statement on the arrest of this retired firefighter and current volunteer firefighter, Rick Rathel on child pornography charges?

    What about Fire Chief John Tull, has he made a statement on the arrest of Rick Rathel yet? It’s obvious the Salisbury Fire Department is plagued with criminals and sex offenders and this happened under his watch as a Deputy Chief and now the current Chief. John Tull also worked with Rick Rathel for many years.

    “Silence is Violence,” right you Democrat supporters of Black Lives Matters violence!! Let’s not ignore your favorite slogan of 2020!

    In the meantime, Rick Rathel has bonded out and spending time at the Salisbury Fire Department sucking up on the free coffee as if nothing has ever happened.


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