Ponzettis Pizza Review

As I continue my local pizza reviews I chose Ponzettis this week.

Ponzettis is classic Salisbury having been around since the 60’s with many generations having fond memories of times eaten there.

Ponzettis pizza has been famous around the area for a long time and it had been a bit since I had one so this is a fresh review.

Ponzettis is definitely New York style with the right amount of grease and an easily foldable slice to give you that authentic New York feel. It has a very good taste with a decent crust. I haven’t really gotten into like a certain rating but am doing more comparative to previous pizza reviewing.

I definitely recommend you give Ponzettis a chance however in a head to head comparison I personally enjoyed Delmar Pizza better.Stay tuned next week for the latest pizza review

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5 replies

  1. We got the meat lovers pizza at Delmar Pizza last night.It was exceptionally good.


  2. Their buffalo wings are the best I’ve ever had.


  3. Best pizza in the area (which isn’t saying much) is from Cafe Italiano. Also the best chicken cheesesteak.


  4. Love Ponzetti’s pizza; however, the help needs to keep the trash emptied & clean seating area more often!


  5. Yes JT they make a good pizza, but between the two, Delmar has the edge in my opinion too.


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