Subrunners Pizza Review

My newest pizza review is from subrunners. Subrunners isn’t really known for its pizza but I wanted to add any location that serves pizza to my list.

I’m not going to bad mouth any location but just like I stated I wanted to compare in a list of my favorite to least favorite.

Ponzettis is definitely New York style but with slightly thicker cheese and grease than others I have tasted so far. I found the tomato sauce to be tangy but it had a better crust than Ponzettis in my opinion.

The taste I have to say was very mediocre . It was ok but of the reviews so far it ranks bottom of the list. I found the cheese to be overly gooey and the bacon wasn’t as flavorful as others. Overall it was just ok

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  1. Looks like I’ve reached the end of the internet. Boring.


  2. My experiences with Subrunners pizza have always been positive.


  3. Why can’t people offer something constructive instead of dumb ass questions that aren’t any of their business anyway? Bunch of basement dwellers!


  4. Are you getting free food, JT?


  5. Never ordered pizza from there….cheesesteak subs great! Put we are reviewing pizza!!! JT make sure you try Pats and Red Doors meat lovers pizza anxious to hear your review, just a suggestion….thanks!


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