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  1. A recently published example of the Minneapolis Police training manual shows a picture of a subject being restrained in a manner very similar to that used on George Floyd — it appears the police may have been explicitly following their training.

    Floyd had a potentially lethal level of Fentanyl in his blood. Mortality from Fentanyl is a result of respiratory failure — Floyd complained that he could not breath.


  2. It’s a cultural thing. Many blacks don’t see their children as anything other then a meal ticket. They don’t love their own children. This is something they can not deny. Their own actions prove this to be true. This is why the only time they go ballistic over the death of one is when they can turn it racial which in their eyes means $$$$$. If they loved their children they wouldn’t vote democrat. The school choice is an example. Democrats are rabidly opposed to school choice. They care so little for their own children that they have no problems sending them to sub standard and dangerous schools. If you love your child you want them to get a good education in a safe environment. Every single one of the poor performing schools in this country are in black neighborhoods and most blacks are happy to send their child there. Whites would not. But mostly white schools aren’t allowed to get that bad. This because many can afford to pull the children out and have them attend private schools. Many blacks haven’t this option. It is called competition. If the public schools had to compete with charter schools then they would do a better job. Having no completion is not ever a good thing. The democrats know the competition of having charter schools would hurt the teachers unions. Blacks since most vote democrat see the unions as more important then their own children.


  3. it’s the democrat plan. The democrat party is the party of rampant and systemic racism. The democrat party IS the modern day KKK. This is an undeniable fact.
    BLM and their partner antifa are the KKK. BLM are the gatekeepers keeping the other blacks in line. They have caused more blacks deaths and more destruction in black areas then the KKK and white supremacy ever has ever will

    It’s the plan. The democrats mayors of these cities are leading the destruction and the black on black slaughter. They want black children gunned down. The more blacks killed by other blacks the better for the democrats

    This all because of all the positive things that were going on in the cities because of President Trump his admin and the Republicans. The democrats want blacks committing violent crimes murdering each other and the looting and destruction so would be business owners don’t want to open businesses in minority areas.

    The democrats are pleased to see black children slaughtered by other blacks because it deters blacks from thinking of opening businesses for fear of their own lives. democrats are such bad people that they are happy to sacrifice the most innocent and are glad when black children are killed by other blacks so as there isn’t any Republican successes in the inner cities.


  4. The NYC Mayor sure is a nutcase.Citizens wish they had Rudy back in office.


  5. Dead on!


  6. Arrest the pigs that killed Breonna Taylor


    • Anderson, a.k.a cornbread, has now nothing for Wicomico county. He is NOT what the county needs. He has his nose up Jake’s ass and will do EVREYTHING to make the county an extension of the city!
      Anyone but cornbread


      • What I find hilarious is the sham interviews they are going to hold. They know damn well they are picking Anderton because the Salisbury elite control the votes


    • So that’s reason to destroy mostly black neighborhoods? That is a reason to call for defund the police? The only ones suffering the consequences are blacks as we can see with the explosion of black on black murders including innocent little children being murdered. Black children.


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