I 100% Agree With This F@@k BLM

How can anyone support a group that won’t speak out on that.

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  1. God answers prayers of the righteous only. We pray for their lying mouths to be shut. When you try and make a career out of lying because you are an evil hate filled person God WILL step in and shut your lying mouth. Here’s an example This lying hate oozing very bad man was found dead. It looks untimely but it was timed BY God to shut up the liar’s mouth Trump rallies are not hate rallies and if you lie God will step in as we see here.

    Joseph Lynn Kitchen
    July 30 ·
    When 100,000 mostly innocent people died from COVID19 from just doing their best to survive Herman Cain said went on TV to call their deaths a hoax. To say their doctors lied.

    He then knowingly went to a hate rally, without a mask, and got sick before dying himself.

    Stop trying to guilt us into feeling sorry for a man who knowingly did what he wanted to do.


  2. God will deal harshly and consistently with those who walk with the devil and BLM is the devil.


  3. Many blacks teach their youth that murder is acceptable. That is what the blm movement is all about and what it teaches. It’s not about the black life it is about who the killer is. That is why they are fine living with all the black on black murders including the black children getting killed. they don’t value life one bit.


    • Blacks do not teach their kids that it is ok to murder somebody are you slow. BLM is trying to make a change for everybody not just blacks and they dont support black on black crime they are trying to stop cops from killing blacks and getting away with it like they are.


      • Is there ever an end to the lies you people tell? Police aren’t killing blacks and getting away with it. You do know it is a sin to lie? And yes BLM absolutely does teach blacks murdering each other is fine. You can lie about that, try and spin it, whatever but the facts speak for themselves.
        It’s not the black life that is cared about it is the killer All lives matter. All lives taken by murder should be treated equal. When they aren’ then you are saying it is okay to murder. It’s not rocket science. Don’t ever question my intelligence because the joke is on you. I have forgotten more then you will ever know I have more money owe none then you will ever have UNLESS you listen and take the advice of a brilliant person like me instead of the useless wastes of a life who support BLM.


      • Hey clueless they don’t care about you they are a communist group but keep being a sheep.


      • To even suggest the police are killing blacks and getting away with is not only a lie but is asinine. BLM has killed more blacks and has caused more destruction in black communities then the police the KKK and white supremacy combined. That this is okay to you people speaks to your own immoral and sin filled ways If you were raised or even had one good decent honest moral person ever in your life you would be ashamed of yourself But that is a major issue with you people. You are born into and spend a life time surrounded by immoral and dishonest people. You know I speak the truth.


      • “BLM is trying to make a change for “everyone””? Don’t for one second THINK you or the terrorist group BLM speaks for “everyone.” Some of us are human beings. You are not. You may look like one but you are a sub species that never evolved into a civilized human being. You are not on the same level as a real human being. You are beneath us. Now why don’t you go and torture a raccoon to death like those you support did the other night in New York. Be sure to video and upload it too just like they did.


  4. I agree with you JT and this guy 100%!!

    F$&k BLM


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