Spineless Wicomico County Council Leadership Extending Process

With the weak and spineless leadership of Wicomico County Council President Larry Dodd, the “process” for replacing the late Bob Culver has been extended. Against overwhelming public support for Delegate Carl Anderton, the council majority continues to defy logic and hurt the reputation of Wicomico County with their weakness. It is mostly a group of people who only know how to say no because there are no guiding principles of morality and what is best for Wicomico County. At this point they might as well appoint Michele Ennis and live up to their deserving reputation of poor leadership skills.

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  1. JT you just want cornbread to get in nere cuz y’all is cousins


  2. Taco Boy is a nobody that once ran for Mayor and got spanked! He only cares about his wife keeping her County job…..no other reason at all!


  3. Totally need to eliminate the position all together! Neither Ennis or Cornbread are qualified! Put the salary back into general fund and let the Council make the needed decisions by majority vote! No body with qualifications will apply simply because of what we see occurring right now!!


  4. Carl is never going to get 4 aye votes and Michele is never going to get nominated. The only thing left to do is what they are doing. P.S.- Who is Taco Boy?


  5. Jonathan,

    It’s not only the weakness of the County Council but the candidates that applied for the. Job of County Executive.

    99.9% of the population of Wicomico County have no clue of the roll and responsibilities of a County Executive, or a County Council representative for that matter.

    Another stumbling block to anyone with true qualifications, the professional background and experience in local and state government is the embarrassing salary of $85,000. Not only is $85,000 the “LOWEST” salary in the State of Maryland, but most (if not all) the Department head positions in Wicomico pay more money in salary than their boss receives. Some of the Wicomico County Executive’s subordinates Are paid $40,000 more in salary than their County Executive boss.

    I know a few Department heads who are scared to death about what numbskull is going to be confirmed as County Executive. They know Carl is worthless and Michele is a vindictive, mean spirited woman whose only out for revenge.

    All of these people are just simply bat-shit crazy adults.


  6. Taco Boy is pushing his girlfriend Michele Ennis as the next Wicomico County Executive. He, and apparently a few others, give total immunity and disregard that fact that Ennis intentionally and deliberately committed a known act of fraud when she signed her name to legal documents, federal and state grants as she pretended to be the Director of Finance for Wicomico County.

    She is the very reason while the Wicomico County Council had to draft legislation that make it a crime that any Wicomico County official, not “confirmed” by the Count Council, will be brought up on charges of committing a crime and penalties imposed.

    There is absolutely no way that this County Council can select her to being Bob Culver’s replacement as County Executive. If they did choose her, then each member of the Wicomico County Council would be guilty of allowing these crimes to continue.

    Carl Anderton is a under performing dolt when it comes to public service. He’s an under performing foot when it comes to life. He’s done nothing in Annapolis other than vote on other representatives’s bill and accepting a paycheck. He’s incapable of critical thinking and putting that on paper. And the public wants him as the leader of Wicomico County?


    But what’s left? What other choice is there? Who really cares about what happens anymore? I don’t. Screw all of them.


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