Jake Day And The City Of Salisbury Are A Disgrace

With yesterday being 9/11 and thinking back to that terrible day we were attacked by terrorists who killed almost 3000 people, I rode downtown to see for myself the recognition our Liberal idiot Mayor Jake Day and the City of Salisbury have made to a modern day Terrorist organization in Black Lives (or lies as I prefer) Matter.

What a disgusting display to have a Government entity recognize an organization who hates everything about the very Country our City is part of. Yelling to defund the police and now the prison systems. We have a City Police force that has a liberal Mayor and a liberal City Administer who are catering and recognizing an organization that wants their destruction by honoring them with street signs.

This City deserves better than to be led by a bunch of liberal idiots who cater to terrorist and don’t give a damn about the majority of normal Americans lives. I am embarrassed to be a part of this shit hole Jake had made Salisbury and am returning to the fight to see him sent packing along with City Admin Julia Glanz.

It’s time we turn the tide

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  1. It will never change. Why? Because Jake and his ilk want it this way.
    40% poverty
    70% rentals

    No one votes, no one cares, and they know it.

    This climate of stupidity and mental illness has further disenfranchised the majority of citizens, which is what they want. Fewer involved, less to deal with, no one voting. Its a win win for the career politicians and those supporting him, with taxpayer funded paybacks like lynching statues, rainbow crosswalks and gay parades.

    They run the town as “they” see fit and by the guidance of a few whackadoodles that support him and are in his favor. He knew the odds when running against King. All he needed was 1% to vote. Thats easy and cheap. And its a recipe for total ghettoizing of your already impoverished community.

    Most business owners do not live in the city limits but are too stupid and lazy to campaign against him and actively present and support a viable opponent. All they do is whine about how neglected they are as the homeless vandalize and destroy their business as Jake turn a blind eye while patting himself on the back that he got a handful of them off the street while ignoring 100+’s of them.

    All the landlords, builders and Jakes special buddies could not survive if it were any different.

    He says he wants to boost home ownership but does nothing to promote it. How many more apt complexes do we need? How many more mini mansions do we need? There is no money in affordable housing so he and his buddies just keep building complexes and supporting the rental climate.

    You are returning to fight? A little late for that. You already screwed us when you ran, which led to another more viable candidate dropping out and that left us with Section 8 Gregory. You are part of the reason we are stuck with that POS.


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