Complete Reworking Of Site

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I am taking the time to fix the issues with the site, and get some posts going.


  1. I saw on Facebook that you dropped the Marion article….then you went on to say you get no support for reporting the news to keep people informed. JT that is simply not true, I have always followed you and support your work and so have many others! You just need to stop apologizing to trolls / bullies who do nothing but try to spread hate and discontent! As a reporter and follower of news today, you should know these idiots are out there. Keep that head up big man and do what you do….report the news!!! Thanks


  2. Letter to the Editor

    Memo to John Cannon

    John Cannon
    Vice President of the County Council
    Council Liason to the Wicomico Library

    Dear Councilman John Cannon,

    This anti-American is an employee of the Wicomico County Free Library and her salary is paid by the Wicomico County taxpayers. She is an anti-Christian and an anti-American and made this anti-American statement on her FB page:

    Cheryl Sidwell said… “I did not stand for prayer or pledge.”

    She is bragging that she did not stand for the prayer or the Pledge of Allegiance. This idiot is working in our County Library and she is exposed to our children and indoctrinating them with her corrupt beliefs at our expense.

    Cheryl Sidwell said… “Y’all, please take a listen to my boss (at least for 2 more weeks – sadly, she is leaving Wicomico library b/c the County we live in is racist, sexist, and homophobic – but don’t take my word for it, please listen to a woman who experienced both in her 2 years as our Executive Director). Speak, Truth to Power.”

    Cheryl Sidwell said… “The good news is that Ms. Teagle has accepted a position that pays more and where she won’t have to deal with so many bigots (hopefully) to try and create innovative and progressive programming.”
    She is calling council members and Wicomico citizens “bigots.” That is not acceptable for someone receiving county funding from county taxpayers.

    There are multiple other posts on this thread where she has made some damaging comments unfit for a Wicomico Library employee.

    She should be fired immediately!! You are in the position to address this and if you don’t we will address it when you plan to run for re-election.

    Wicomico County Voter and Taxpayer

    Can someone make sure that Mr. Cannon gets his memo? He always says that he doesn’t read JT’s Blog. We all know that he does read it but if the memo was given to him he couldn’t deny not seeing it.

    Mr. Taylor, can you please make this a separate post for your viewers and address it to Mr. John Cannon? He is a Library Trustee and he should know what his racist employees of the Library are saying on Social Media.


  3. Lol you “sold” your blog because you were tired of doing it. Then come back and its the SAME EXACT STORY, posts slow down to a trickle, then stop, then you post saying you’re going to do this and that. Rinse and repeat.


    1. You idiot, without a doubt you’ve never been involved with a web blog! It’s not just paste a story! Hours are involved to running one of these sites. Stay in the damn basement of mommy’s house and complain to momma, maybe she’ll get you a donut!


  4. Now is the time to take advantage of your blog. The other guy hasn’t posted anything since Friday and he isn’t posting a lot of the comments. Go get em JT!


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