Is Wicomico County Board of Education Indoctrinating Our Students?

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What is Considered Appropriate or Inappropriate?

“Appropriateness” is a relative term, as is the term “success.” These terms can mean different things to different people. What is acceptable to you may not be acceptable to me and vice-versa. Traditionally, society is established based on moral standards. Without these standards, there is no unit of foundational measure. Like a thermometer, laws, codes, ordinances, and humanitarian respect for others have been established over the centuries. Without established order, there is nothing to hold anyone accountable or nowhere to return if one deviates from what has been considered to be norms in society. Without the law or moral standards, anything goes. That logic may sound desirable to human nature, but it results in lawlessness that leads to devastating consequences. Recently we have seen the consequences of lawlessness in society, which leads to great destruction.

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