I Have Asked For Julia Glanz Resignation

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To all Council members,
Many of you know who I am and what I stand for. It is with this in mind that I request the City Council reign in Julia Glanz in her progressive push for the City.

Contrary to what Julia and Michelle Gregory believe conservative City residents do matter and our voices are equal to any others pushing you to your progressive process .

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization who has shown over 120 days of protesting to be violent and destructive and yet  Julia and Jake Day (who was just as complicit in the matter)allowed a City street to be named after this group. 

Julia also has allowed the LGBTQ flags to continue to hang downtown well past the designated month. Julia being a lesbian is quite honestly completely blinded and biased as to following the rules when it comes to these matters.

I received an email today that the City was making it indigenous people day and bashing us terrible people who dared start a nation here. This was her quote
“shared City Administrator Julia Glanz. “We must affirm that we will no longer celebrate slave owners, conquerors, or the proponents and enablers of genocide.”

So a City that is part of the United States is calling the very people who discovered it conquerors and enablers of genocide. I think Julia doesn’t understand that she is supposed to be running the City and not pushing her personal politics and liberal ideas upon the populace.

I would ask for her resignation
Jonathan Taylor


  1. lmao

    “So a City that is part of the United States is calling the very people who discovered it conquerors and enablers of genocide. ”

    Did you even pay attention in history class?

    Sounds like you’re the snowflake fruitcake to me! Although you probably ate it already.


  2. I agree with you 100% on this Mr. JT. Shame on Jack Heath. Shame on confused wannabe politician Muir Boda. He doesn’t even know what Party he belongs to so you know he can’t make an intelligent decision for the citizens. They all need to resign.


    1. Has anyone heard anything about Biden drinking blood from aborted fetuses? I haven’t seen reports about that in the media. Just wondering …


      1. @10:27 am, WTF have you been smoking? Go crawl back to your mommies basement you stupid fruitcake! You are trying to get JT’s readers to believe your dumb shit so you can laugh at them. Buh Bye, Homo!


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