State Police Arrest Dorchester Co. Man In 2001 Cold Case Involving The Murder Of A Correctional Officer

State Police Arrest Dorchester Co. Man In 2001 Cold Case Involving The Murder Of A Correctional Officer

(VIENNA, Md.)  — Maryland State Police homicide investigators arrested a Dorchester County man today in connection with a 2001 cold case involving the murder of a correctional officer.

The accused is identified as John Michael Ingersoll, Jr., 46, of East New Market, Maryland.  The Maryland State Apprehension Team arrested Ingersoll in Easton at 11:05 a.m. today.  Ingersoll is charged with first and second degree murder, and other related offenses.  The Grand Jury of Dorchester County handed down an indictment this morning, charging Ingersoll for the 2001 murder after the Office of the State’s Attorney for Dorchester County presented the case.  Ingersoll is being held in the Dorchester County Detention Center pending trial.

The deceased, Gregory Guy Collins, 31, of Vienna, Maryland was a three-year veteran of the Division of Correction and a member of the Maryland National Guard. Correctional Officer Collins was shot and killed while traveling toward his home after working his shift at the Eastern Correctional Institution in Somerset County during the early morning hours on Monday, June 4, 2001.

Shortly before 4:00 p.m. on June 4, 2001, Correctional Officer Collins was reported missing when he failed to return home after his evening shift at the Eastern Correctional Institution in Princess Anne. He had reportedly finished his shift around midnight and was driving a gray Toyota pickup truck when the incident occurred.

A responding Maryland state trooper noticed a wooded area along Indiantown Road, one mile east of Route 331, where it appeared a vehicle had left the roadway.  The trooper checked the area further and found Correctional Officer Collins unresponsive inside his truck.

The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit worked in coordination with several law enforcement partners to bring this unsolved homicide investigation to a close. Assistance was provided by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, the Eastern Correctional Institution in Princess Anne, the Office of the State’s Attorney for Dorchester County, Federal Bureau of Investigation Baltimore Division, Talbot County Task Force, Maryland State Police from the Easton Barrack, Talbot County Sheriff’s Office, the Maryland State Apprehension Team and the Criminal Enforcement Division Upper Shore.

William H. Jones, State’s Attorney for Dorchester County, reminds the public that the Indictment is an allegation, and that all persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.


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Some Harsh Truth About Running This Site

No games and no jokes, it is time to really reveal some harsh truths in regards to this website. When I started this life of blogging in 2008 I had a purpose and reason for doing it. I grew In Popularity pretty quickly and because of this my list of people I included as enemies grew. When you discuss more things more people will not like what you have to say, sadly that’s the name of the game. I thrived in this environment and continued to grow in popularity (not saying it was because everyone loved me but more and more visitors were coming to see my site ). I was putting out 15-20 posts per day because I had much to say and a platform to say it.

One of the biggest things you must do if you discuss politics unfortunately is to cultivate relationships with politicians to obtain information that will set you apart from other sites. Behind the scenes access as it were. When you are relatively new to this world you end of making some deals with the devil per say. The enemy of my enemy is my friend mentality. Somewhere along the way I forgot a very important lesson, and that is that the overwhelming majority of these people I “worked” with don’t give two shits about me personally and only cared to the extent they could use me to do their dirty work. This goes the same for the overwhelming majority of visitors to this site.

The overwhelming majority of readers of this site don’t give a damn about what I’m going through or care period. You just want me to entertain you like a clown at a circus. Free entertainment at that. When I have asked for support through the years I have gotten little if any response from my readers. That was good enough for me 5 years ago but it’s not anymore. Think about how different you are from 11 years ago and tell me you haven’t changed. I have been through terrible loss, moved multiple times and recently my wife lost her job ( yes she worked for accurate optical) . Through no fault of the employees who worked hard for and at their job one day that was all over.

It is for the reasons above that I hardly ever post anymore. I’m not working for free to entertain you, to be shown that 99.9 percent don’t care one way or the other anyway. I had my glory days and reached my Gettysburg in the end of 2013. When I lost my Dad this all came to me that I didn’t want to waste more of my precious time on people and politicians who didn’t give a damn what I was going through and never even reached out. I have kept dragging along year after year because it is hard to let go of something that you built from scratch and made popular, only to see the winds of change and time erode all the joy from it. I have always been honest with you and just felt it was time to just say this to all in a post.

What does this mean for the future? I have no clue but I haven’t given a damn about this site for some time and most likely that won’t change. Google search glory days by Bruce Springsteen and you will know how I feel these days

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Second Phase Of Multi-Jurisdictional Crime Reduction Effort In Wicomico County Yields 11 Arrests

Second Phase Of Multi-Jurisdictional Crime Reduction Effort In Wicomico County Yields 11 Arrests

August 29, 2019

(SALISBURY, MD) –Maryland State Police, in partnership with allied agencies, assisted in the arrest of 11 people, as part of the second phase of a multi-jurisdictional effort to reduce the amount of crimes of violence and firearm violations in Wicomico County.

As part of a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement operation, the Maryland State Police Gang Enforcement Unit-East, along with allied law enforcement agencies across the state, planned, coordinated and implemented a crime fighting initiative. The goal was to help further numerous recent on-going investigations regarding crimes of violence, handgun violations and other crimes that had been reported in specific locations of Salisbury, Maryland. This operation follows a similar initiative from Aug. 22, which led to seven additional arrests in the same area.

Along with the arrests, the operation also yielded the following:

• 55 traffic stops

• 71 traffic citations

• 2 firearms

• Seizure of suspected controlled dangerous substances including fentanyl, cocaine, marijuana and alprazolam

Those arrested were:

• Kenneth James Bryant, 25, of Salisbury, Maryland – Warrant arrest for violation of probation

• Joseph Terrell Gie, 34, of Salisbury, Maryland – Warrant arrest for failing to appear in Worchester County, Maryland

• Larry Oxendine, 45, of Salisbury, Maryland – Violation of a protection order

• Jonathan Turner-Brown, 25, of Salisbury, Maryland – Drug possession (not marijuana)

• Jimmy Joe Davis Lake, 42, of Snow Hill, Maryland – Warrant arrest for first-degree burglary and related offenses through the Circuit Court for Worchester County, Maryland

• Anthoney Allen Gambrill, 18, of Salisbury, Maryland – Driving while intoxicated and related charges

• Demetric Cropper, 41, of Salisbury, MD – Warrant arrest for violation of probation through Wicomico County, Maryland

• Esco Qu’ran Parker, 18, of Salisbury, Maryland – Disorderly conduct

• James Washington Bryant, 35, of Salisbury, Maryland – Warrant arrest for failure to appear in Somerset County, Maryland

• Kevin Lindele Parker, 34, of Salisbury, Maryland – Possession with intent to distribute controlled dangerous substances and other related drugs and weapons charges

The operation also led to the arrest of a 16-year-old male on drug distribution charges. In addition, at least one of those arrested had ties to an organized gang.

The Maryland State Police Gang Enforcement Unit- East partnered with the Salisbury Police Department, Wicomico County State’s Attorney Office, Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security Investigations- RAC Eastern Shore Office, Maryland State Police Gun Enforcement Unit- East, Maryland State Police S.T.A.T.E. Team, Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack and the Wicomico County Narcotics Task Force to complete this operation.

This investigation was made possible in part due to funds provided by the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP), which supports the Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network (MCIN).


Trolling The Trolls

I know I really shouldn’t but when you deal with trolls running this website it is entirely too much fun to get them excited that their mean comments have gotten to me. Of course since I said I was running the hate has been coming in (anonymously btw) below are just some examples.

The day I finally give up on running this site it will just go quiet , no announcement or fanfare. This site is not a full time job so posts will always be sporadic. If you ran a site like this you would get the humor in annoying these people and then making them think they beat you to come back and do a gotcha . The joy I get irritating them is immense because I know they hate it.