* WHAT…Snow followed by sleet, then a brief period of freezing

rain. Total snow accumulation of one to two inches and ice

accumulation of a light glaze expected.

* WHERE…Wicomico, Somerset and Inland Worcester Counties.

* WHEN…From 6 AM to noon EST Wednesday.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Plan on slippery road conditions. The

hazardous conditions could impact the morning commute.


A Winter Weather Advisory means that periods of snow, sleet or

freezing rain will cause travel difficulties. Expect slippery

roads and limited visibilities, and use caution while driving.

Fruitland City Manager Throws Away Children’s Book Spot

“To the (curse word ..curse word ..curse word) that stole my little free library-may you (curse word .. curse word..) I hope you really wanted it because the children from the school down the street and the family that used the books to learn English.. will surely miss it…

Today I hate people….

If anyone sees it please let me know!!!

If ya can please repost!!!!

UPDATE…The police investigated and they found out that the Fruitland city manager decided that it wasn’t used enough so he went onto my private property and stole my little private library. The police officer found out that a city of fruitland truck took it away then was able to track down one of the drivers who told him directly that the city manager told him to do this and dispose of the library. So they threw away the library and the books inside. The police officer has reported it stolen and tomorrow I will go press charges.

So be careful of your bikes, scooters or anything else on your lawn that appears that no one is using at the moment because according to the city manager at fruitland, he can just pick it up and throw it away

Another update… received an email from the city manager and he admitted that he had city employees commit the theft but meant no malicious intent -WHAT WAS HIS INTENT THEN???and he was going to TRY and get it back … even if he goes and gets it from the dump, I can’t imagine what it looks like after being slammed in a front loader, driven around and dumped in the land fill… I am stunned he even admitted to it ! I also asked where were the books that were inside and he had no answer…”

Lowereasternshorenews Exclusive Crisfield Nurse Photo That Brought Story To It’s Conclusion


Obviously I blurred the photo out, but I left enough visible to give you the idea.The 14 second video was sent to one of the students she was having inappropriate relations with via snapchat. If you are unfamiliar snapchat deletes messages after a certain time limit. Obviously dealing with teenagers they knew how to screen capture the image on the screen before its deletion and kept this copy of this picture. This photo made its rounds to various students until it finally caught the attention of an adult .

It is beyond sad that someone with a cushy job as a school nurse with 3 small children and a loving husband would decide sleeping with multiple high school students was her best life path.

MSP Princess Anne January DUI Arrests

The following persons were arrested by Troopers assigned to the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barracks and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the month of January 2019.

  • Dorrence West Jr., 40 YOA, Salisbury, MD
  • Tyreck Horton, 18 YOA, Fruitland, MD
  • Daniel Thomas II, 44 YOA, Westover, MD
  • Jonathan Savage, 30 YOA, Princess Anne, MD
  • Jamal Armstrong, 21 YOA, Princess Anne, MD
  • Bryant Cannon, 48 YOA, Princess Anne, MD