Have You Ever Really Stopped And Realized With Modern Technology Your Lives Are Filled With Depressing News?

As with many and obviously since I run a news site, I wake up in the morning and check the news for what happened overnight around the globe.

It dawned on me this morning that to be blunt ,the worse the news is the more people get sucked into it. Let me give you the example from this morning. These are some headlines from both cnn and foxnews.

These are the headlines to start the day. Depressing and sad. I have learned to be immune to it at this point but just this morning I was like wow this is what the world starts with everyday..with this is it any wonder why people are so irritable and bitchy these days

Wicomico County Health Department Looking For Volunteers

If you are a parent of a teenager or a young adult and you live in Wicomico County, you are invited to attend a focus group on June 19, 2019, from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. at Adam’s the Place for Ribs. Dinner will be provided free to focus group participants.

We need your help in developing a social media campaign for parents. If you are interested in attending, please Cindy at 410-219-7544 (ext. 17544) as soon as possible. We need two groups of 8-10 to attend. Once we reach 20 parents, we will take names and if we have enough another focus groups will be scheduled. Please share with other parents.

Your time and assistance are appreciated.

Best Of My Opinions

Thank you for the input on your picks for the best of around the area. I cannot say I have tried all the goodS or services mentioned but I wanted to put my opinion out on the ones I have .

Best Pizza) this is a tough one because there are many good ones but if I want something special I like pizza pi in delmar . Their everything pizza has a delicious blend that I love.

Best Steak) my personal pick is Longhorn

Best Chicken) chick fila

Best Mexican) plaza tapatia

Best Italian ( cafe itliano

Best Grocery Store) delmar Food lion

Again these are my own picks. Some of the places mentioned in your picks I have never tried but due to your comment I will.