Police Dash Cam of Meteor


While on patrol last night, Pfc. Nathan Kutz caught the meteor that everyone is talking about on his dash cam! You don’t see that often!



15 April Open Discussion

Well, well, well….from some of the comments that hit the trash it seems like you missed me (insert sarcasm).  For those of you threatening to move on because you aren’t being entertained please use the exit to the right and push the X.  It is easy to sit back and complain and I suppose if you have nothing else to do but sit by the computer or phone and wait for your words of wisdom to hit the internet (like you have arrived) LOL,  it can be frustrating.  Especially if you keep checking the blog every 5 minutes  and then find it necessary to comment about your comment not being published.  May a remind you there is a whole world out there waiting for you to participate in it.  I am grateful to the people that truly have something to share.  Hang in there.  JT will be back soon.  Until then I will try to keep up.