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A Black Little Mermaid Seriously?

Anyone that has been alive since Disney started making animated movies is well aware that The Little Mermaid is one of the most popular ones out there. Disney has been on a live action kick lately converting many older titles to this format. I.e. Aladdin, Jungle Book, Lion King, Milan etc. When it was announced that the Little Mermaid was going to get the same treatment most people were excited to see how it would look.

Fast forward to this past week and we are presented with


Ok am I missing something but I’m pretty sure Ariel as shown at top of post is a red headed while girl. The actress they have cast is a 19 year old black girl named Halle Bailey. What the hell?

Why is Disney retrofitting white characters to be black? Why can’t they just create an original story for a new black princess? Appropriating White roles for Black actors and actresses is beyond ignorant, Of course like the LGBT community not agreeing with this makes me a racist I’m sure.

Wicomico County What Is The Deal With Michele Ennis?

I have been reading the comments coming into this site and one question that keeps getting asked is what is the deal with Michele Ennis? She was turned down by the County Council for her upgraded job title and yet we have heard nothing more on the matter. Is she working the job on a lower pay scale? Is she legally allowed to continued working without Council approval? This is really a confusing situation and one we have had no concrete answer to.

America Land Of The Free Home Of The Gay?

Diving right into controversy I want to address this continuing trend of gaying up America.

We are being led into a world where if we do not conform and say we are ok with same sex and transgender people that we personally are bigots and of course, homophobes.

At issue is the very heart of what we personally consider right and wrong. If you personally prefer the same sex that is your choice, however do not try to convince me that is the norm. I understand if you do not believe in the Bible that you toss out thoughts of religion being against your lifestyle. For those folks I say this, biology alone should point to you the fact that it is abnormal to be with the same sex. If same sex was the real normal we wouldn’t exist and neither would any other species of animal.

What makes me disturbed is how in today’s world every tv show, movie and even commercials now have to include same sex relationships as if to drive home to everyone old and young that this is your normal. Let me preface this by saying I do not condone bullying of any religion, sexual orientation or differences in people, but I can’t condone the modern world trying to make these minority groups the new normal for all.

Sexual maturity is a life changing event that occurs in everyone’s life. It is a confusing time with hormones rushing through your veins to sometimes be able to make the right choices with your feelings. Personally I believe that the modern tv shows , moves and commercials that I mentioned earlier are trying to indoctrinate and confuse the very kids I’m referencing. Let me explain further.

It is perfectly normal to see same sex people you wish you could be like . I wish I had six pack abs like that dude, I wish I looked like Brad Pitt etc etc. that doesn’t mean however that you are sexually attracted to them. If I see Wonder Woman and think I wish I looked like Gal Gadot that must mean I’m a lesbian. These shows and movies are encouraging you by showing you it’s ok to question yourself in these matters . Maybe because I like the way he looks it really means I’m gay? This is where the minority again tries to look like the majority and try to fool everyone into thinking everyone feels that way. The truth is a very small minority of the population is lgbt, with most studies putting the number at under 10%.

That’s like having a box of crayons with one gray color but saying the rest of the box is also gray. If you try to argue about the green and red being in there as well you are labeled grayaphobic.

If you come to your own conclusion that you are lgbt than good for you, however trying to make others accept your reality you have created to feel better is not the way to go. Nobody should be discriminated against regardless if this is their lifestyle choice, but if I like the other 90% of Americans are not gay why do you feel the need to try to convince me what your doing is normal ? If it’s normal for you great I’m happy for you, but this gaying Of America which has happened over the past 15 years, where this tiny populace of people try to convince the overwhelming majority that we are the abnormal ones must end.

It’s sad people are afraid to say what I just did because this is the reality of the world. Not wanting to hurt people’s feelings is the real curse of the world now.

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