WCSO CAT Press Release

Incident: Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics
Date of Incident: June 12, 2018
Location: 300 block of Pine Street, Fruitland, Maryland
Suspect: Badger, Anthony Cornelius, 40 years old
Narrative: Over the course of the last several months, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team (CAT), conducted a lengthy investigation into the distribution of narcotics throughout Wicomico County. During this time, the target of the investigation was identified as Anthony Cornelius Badger of Fruitland, Maryland. Information was developed that Badger was distributing narcotics frequently in Wicomico County. Investigators obtained five search and seizure warrants in relation to this investigation.
On June 12, 2018, law enforcement executed all five search and seizure warrants at several locations throughout Wicomico County, including Badger’s residence in Fruitland. As a result, the following items were seized:
  • 15.19 grams of heroin in multiple bags
  • 10.84 grams of crack cocaine in multiple bags
  • 255.85 grams of marijuana
  • (16) Edible THC treats (736.23) grams total
  • (2) Hydrocodone pills
  • (2) oxycodone pills
  • 2.57 grams of unknown wax substance
  • $8,388.65 of suspected drug proceeds
  • (50) rounds of ammunition
The Community Action Team was assisted in this investigation by members of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigative Division (CID), the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT), the Salisbury City Police Tactical Team, the Wicomico County Narcotics Task Force (WINTF), and members of the Fruitland Police Department.
Badger was released to the Wicomico County Detention Center and was held without bond.
The primary mission of the Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team (CAT) is to assist the Criminal Investigative Division. The Community Action Team also conducts proactive criminal enforcement throughout Wicomico County. If you would like to submit an anonymous tip regarding criminal activity, please visit the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office website at http://www.wicomicosheriff.com/pages/crime-wanted.htm
Charges: Possession with intent to distribute narcotics – heroin, Possession with intent to distribute narcotics – cocaine, Possession with intent to distribute – marijuana, Possession of a Controlled Substance – heroin, Possession of a Controlled Substance – cocaine, Possession of a Controlled Substance – hydrocodone, Possession of a Controlled Substance – oxycodone, Possession of marijuana
Disposition: Released to the Wicomico County Detention Center and was held without bond.

Christine Sheddy’s Daughter Speaks For First Time Publicly About Her Mom

Letter to the Editor
From Haylie  Christine Sheddy”s daughter.
Mr. Mike McDermott I have some things to say to you… Why would you call a missing person, a missing daughter, a missing sister, a missing loved one and last but not least my missing mother a sponge on society? How could you be so cruel to ones family at a time of need… a time of need for you to do your job. Do you know how I feel day in and day out? You don’t… growing up I would get so jealous of little girls with a mom to spend time with…. to go to the beach… to get there nails done… to go shopping… I would give absolutely anything to just see my mom for 5 minutes. It just kills me how you had the audacity to call my mother a sponge on society and now you want to be somebody. I’m not here to bash you no matter how bad I want too I’m simply here to tell people how you didn’t do your job and my grieving mom mom had to do it for you. My life has changed tremendously… from not having my mom on every birthday, not having my mom for my first break up, not having my mom for teaching me how to drive, not having my mom encourage me to be the best I can be, not having my mom for graduation, not having my mom hold my hand when I got my ears pierced, not having my mom tell me she loves me and not have my mom kiss me everyday as I leave the house… I’ll never have this. People don’t know what they have until it’s gone and I wish I could go back and soak up every moment I had with her. I could only imagine how much faster my mom could’ve been found if you did your job. I’m sorry you didn’t find my mom worthy enough for your time and attention. My family and I thought she was more then worthy. 

Lowereasternshorenews Endorses Kris Heiser For Worcester County States Attorney

It has taken me some time on this race, but Kris Heiser gets my endorsement. The bayside gazette said the same things I have in reference to the uncomfortable connections between a Worcester County judge and both candidates running for States Attorney and Sheriff. I need to feel in the end of the day that the States Attorney is not in the pocket of the Sheriff and the judge. That my friends breeds corruption. Billy McDermott while being a nice guy has shown he doesn’t have the testicles to stand up to either.

For all the experience they try to point out comparing the two, I want the public to know that 𝘯𝘰𝘸 sitting Wicomico County Circuit Court judge Matt Maciarello had such faith and belief in her skills he sent her to train the Attorneys representing the State in District Court after taking over. Put accountability back into this Office after 8 years of mold growing in it…be Wiser and vote Heiser

Lowereasternshorenews Endorses Sheree Sample Hughes For House of Delegates Legislative District 37A

Sheree Sample Hughes and I are on opposite ends of the world politically. She is a Democrat and I am a Republican. With this being said you will never find a better representative of the Minority District that she represents. The numbers as shown above clearly show this District is a minority one, and they deserve to have a smart intelligent role model in this seat looking out for their best interests.