Salisbury Area Chamber to Host Free Offshore Wind Grant Workshop

Salisbury Area Chamber to Host Free Offshore Wind Grant Workshop

(Salisbury, Md., June 19, 2018)—The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) and the Maryland Department of Commerce will host a workshop offering education about grant programs that
support Maryland’s offshore wind workforce and business supply chain Tuesday, June 26 at 2 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce building.

MEA Offshore Wind Program Manager Samuel Beirne will provide an overview of the Offshore Wind Business Development Grant Program and the Offshore Wind Workforce Development Grant Program. Commerce Senior Director of Strategic Industries
and Entrepreneurship Kris Shock will discuss additional business incentives offered by the Department of Commerce.

The MEA will provide grant funding on a competitive basis to help defray barrier entry costs of Maryland’s emerging businesses, including minority owned emerging businesses entering the global offshore wind industry. The Program has a budget
of up to $1.2 million for Fiscal Year 2019.

It will also consider applications for new or existing workforce development training centers utilized by the offshore wind industry. Training centers must provide education of a technical trade skill and safety standards used for the development,
manufacturing, construction, installation, and operations and maintenance of an offshore wind energy project. The Program has a budget of up to $800,000 for Fiscal Year 2019.

This is a free event. To register, please visit or call Director of Events Lauren Barnas at 410-749-0144.

Letter To Editor Supporting Matt Crisafulli For Worcester County Sheriff

crisafulli-ad.jpgI wanted to address the issue of “experience” in the race for Worcester County Sheriff. Having worked closely with Presidents, U.S. Congressman and Senators, CEO’s and business leaders across the U.S., I’ve seen what it takes to be a great leader. My master’s degree was in organizational behavior, and that helped to codify what I have observed over the past twenty-five years. Of course I am biased in endorsing Matt Crisafulli, but I would never have done that if I didn’t see in him those qualities that make a great leader. Position power only gives a person a platform-what they do with that platform is critical for success. Titles mean nothing without results. So, here is why I believe that Matt has what it takes to be the next, great sheriff: first, he does have years of management experience, but he also has the confidence to know what he doesn’t know and he’s not afraid to bring the best and brightest on board. He listens to people, extracts the best practices and will do the same in any position he holds. He has tremendous empathy and truly cares about the residents of the county. He is innovative and creative and is committed to solving problems with a team-oriented approach. He has vision and a tireless work ethic. He is positive and believes that motivating people-not tearing them down-will empower them to do better and not be afraid to fail. We need someone with the leadership skills-and who does have the backing of the current and former sheriff-to take the helm of the top law enforcement agency in the county. Great leadership is so much more than a title. Titles come and go. But professionals with heart, vision and integrity like, Matt, will endure and make a difference that lasts for all the residents of Worcester County.”

Dava Guerin

Letter To Editor Supporting Jordan Monk For Somerset County Clerk Of The Court

To All Somerset County Voters:
We would like to address the upcoming Republican Primary Election on June 26th. It is a great opportunity for voters to decide the future of Somerset County.
For years we have watched Somerset County search for young leaders to step forward and help an aging community. We believe those cries for a young leader have come to life this election cycle. We are talking about Clerk of Court Candidate Jordan Monk. Since filing back in September, Jordan has been a candidate who has shown the virtues of a true conservative. He has done what we think needs to be done to earn the respect and support of Somerset County voters. He has gone door to door and is having a face to face interaction with voters. He has attended multiple events around the county and has shown his support for the local organizations. We have been involved in many campaigns over the years and have never seen a candidate with more drive and determination than Jordan.
However it does not stop there with Jordan. Although he is only twenty-eight years of age, Jordan has already established himself as a fixture in this area. For many years, he has volunteered his time coaching and assisting with various youth activities. He also holds an office on two educational scholarship foundations. Jordan comes from a family who has left a permanent mark on this community. His Uncle, Eric Monk, made the ultimate sacrifice, his life, as a Maryland State Trooper in 1988 and his Grandfather, Fred Monk, served the community for many years as Captain of the J. Millard Tawes. Jordan, who also is a Maryland State Trooper, served Somerset County for seven years. He led the barrack for numerous years, and was selected Trooper of the Year in 2014. Jordan displays great leadership and respect in his position with Maryland State Police and upholds their core values “Integrity, Fairness, and Service” with honor.
When we asked Jordan months ago, “Why would you want to get involved in politics, which can often become very controversial?” He quickly responded, “I want to serve the Citizens of Somerset County. I look where we are as a Country, and believe that Christians need to regain their strength and stand up for their faith and the Christian values that this Country was founded on.” Jordan grew up in the First Baptist Church of Princess Anne and now attends SonRise Baptist Church in Princess Anne. He stands up for what is right and puts God first in his life, and has helped spread the word of Jesus in song, singing for Southern Gospel group, “The Baptist Boys”, for fourteen years.
In closing, there is no perfect candidate, but we think Jordan Monk is what this County needs – a young Christian Conservative Republican.
Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

Mike and Cindy Ward

Crisfield, MD