Facts Don’t Lie More Whites Killed Than Blacks By Police

The Hype Is Real Delmar Pizza Review

Meat Lovers Pizza

As someone who has lived on the shore their entire life, and obviously eaten too much food I realized I had never eaten or tasted anything from Delmar Pizza. Delmar Pizza has always had a reputation of having the best pizza on the shore , and having just experienced first hand I agree.

The pizza I ordered was the meat lovers just standard style. You can taste the freshness of the toppings upon your first bite. The Dough they use has a special taste to it that makes it stick out from the others I have had. The crust was amazing, it had the perfect amount of flavor and crisp . It was clearly a very freshly made pizza that was made by people who know how to make a pizza .

We also got the cheesesteak and fries which were also amazing. The steak was marinated and had the perfect blend of cheese with an amazing taste. The fries as well had a great crisp and flavor. I would definitely recommend trying this place out if you never have. It has become my go to place when I need subs or pizza.

Simply delicious



Former Salisbury City Council President Louise Smith dies

Former Salisbury City Council President Louis Smith succumbed to her battle with cancer this week. She served four years on the Salisbury City Council from 2007 to 2011 and all four as the Council President. She was a proud member Asbury United Methodist Church in Salisbury. Our hearts go out to her family and friends as she will be missed.


Obviously Black Lives Don’t Matter To Black People

4 black children gunned down by black people and yet no black lives matter protests for them

Where Is Our Local Conservative Delegation When Liberal Policies Continue To Rule The Local Populace

The main thing that I have noticed with all the liberal progressive nonsense occurring locally is the total silence from our local conservative delegation.

As elected representatives for the conservatives on the shore where are they publicly standing up for our way of life?

They sit back quietly and say nothing about the BLM/Antifa movement happening around the Country. They have not stepped up vocally or garnered any press attention to back our brave men and women in law enforcement at this terrible time.

Mary Beth Carozza is the only one with the courage from this group that I have seen, to make a proud public statement supporting our brave law enforcement officials.

The others should be ashamed of being wishy washy cowards who are more worried about not offending people then about the conservatives who put them in the position they hold.

Julia Glanz , Jake Day And The City Of Salisbury Tell All Who Disagree They Simply Don’t Care

I was reading articles regarding the City Of Salisbury renaming Broad Street into Black Lives Matter Blvd and as suspected the sentiment that Jake Day has shown for years since elected Mayor has passed on to Julia Glanz. This is a screen clip from Julia’s interview with the Salisbury Independent regarding the renaming of the street.

“We Won’t Fear Alienating Those Who Choose Hate Over Equality”

The wording sounds so inspirational except when you think about who gets to decide what is hate and what is rational discussion regarding the choices a Liberal Mayor and a Liberal City Administrator make.

America’s Best Wings Coming Soon North Salisbury

In the old subway location across from Walmart

Black Lives Matter Is A Sham

Well here we are almost a month after George Floyd was recorded with an Officers knee on his neck. I made a post about this a few weeks back and the reality that I didn’t want to see has become real. The Black Lives Matter organization has been manipulated and infiltrated by a leftist mob using their fight as a cover for anarchy.

I finished my post about the George Floyd incident and clearly said I hope they don’t make a travesty out of the tragedy. Guess what they have gone further than that.

If the Black Lives movement was for real the gains that have been made and supported by everyone after the George Floyd case would have been a victory for everyone . More police accountability , body cams a must and have to be left on with punishment if found otherwise . In the past few weeks as the protests continue it has become about anarchy and nothing to do with black lives.

I have watched each night and seen it with my own eyes, It’s now about having no police and no laws. Let’s topple every statue of anyone white. Let us take over police precincts, free prisoners etc etc. None of this is about George Floyd. It’s a group of millennial white college progressives mixing themselves into the black lives matter movement to further their anarchy rules idea.

They sound like children on the playground with their chants and their shining flashlights in officer eyes . I watched them blow smoke on the officers and shine laser pointers in their face. I wasn’t sitting thinking yea that will bring about justice for George Floyd , I wanted the Cops to grab the people and arrest them. They have been getting away with breaking the law and have made police afraid to even come in contact with them so they can claim brutality when an officer touches them.

We live in a land of law and order and we will maintain it. If you want real change then stop letting yourselves get played by progressive terrorist.

City Playgrounds to Reopen This Friday at 5 pm

City Playgrounds to Reopen This Friday at 5 pm

Salisbury–  In accordance with the guidelines and continuation of phase two of the reopening of Maryland, City Administrator Julia Glanz has announced the reopening of City playgrounds to take effect at 5 p.m. this Friday, June 19th. The City Field Operations Department has been working hard to prepare playgrounds and the surrounding areas for public usage again.

Social distancing guidelines set forth by local and state health officials still apply and remain critical to the safe reopening and usage of Salisbury City playgrounds and facilities. Citizens utilizing playground and park facilities are asked to maintain social distancing when possible, keep hands away from the face, and to sanitize frequently, especially when leaving and before entering your personal vehicle. The restrooms near Ben’s Red Swings will remain closed to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Please do not visit City parks or utilize facilities or equipment if you are sick with, tested positive for COVID-19, or know you were recently exposed to COVID-19. To view more guidelines and tips for visiting parks and recreational areas from the CDC, visit www.bit.ly/2TcNSOP

The City of Salisbury thanks citizens for their patience and understanding as the City reopens facilities to the public. Please also note that the Salisbury Zoo will remain closed until further notice, to ensure the safety and health of both the animals and Zoo staff.

All Police Should Walk Off The Job

With the total lack of respect and support being shown towards law enforcement in this Country, they should follow Atlanta PD’s example and just walk out the door. Those Atlanta officers did nothing wrong except enforce the law. It is always sad that someone dies in interactions with Police but if Rayshard Brooks hadn’t resisted and fought the police and fired their taser at them he wouldn’t be dead, I’m sorry that’s a reality . He had been drinking and driving , which meant he had been putting innocent people at risk for that decision alone. He wasn’t targeted for being black he was breaking the law.

Charging that officer with felony murder where he could possible face the death penalty is the last straw. Law abiding citizens must let their Government Officials hear how loud we can get in support of our brave men and women that put that shield on to protect us every day .

Salisbury Hires Ronald Strickler, Jr. To Serve as HCDD Director


Contact: Mayor’s Office

Ronald Strickler Jr. to Become Salisbury’s New HCDD Director

Salisbury – City Administrator Julia Glanz is pleased to announce Ronald Strickler Jr.’s appointment as Director of the City of Salisbury’s Housing and Community Development Department. This comes after current HCDD Director Everett Howard’s announcement to resume retirement on June 30, after 31 years serving the City of Salisbury. Howard spent 28 years with the Salisbury Police Department and the past three years with the City’s Housing and Community Development Department. Strickler has fifteen years of supervisory experience and served ten years as a Recreation Supervisor for the Town of Ocean City, Maryland, his first day with the City will be July 6th.

“Mr. Strickler’s leadership style, experience managing robust systems, and his ongoing commitment and passion for the community make him a great fit, not only for HCDD, but the City of Salisbury team as a whole. This Department is incredibly dynamic with three distinct divisions in Code Enforcement, Housing and Homelessness, and Youth Development. Mr. Strickler has all the attributes to continue to move this Department forward and serve the citizens of Salisbury with passion, vision, and dedication,”  said City Administrator Glanz.

Strickler’s vast array of skills includes administering recreational programs, managing multimillion-dollar facilities, and identifying and evaluating risk exposures, all while providing high-level customer service on the front end of the organization or business. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania in 2004, a park and recreation professional certification from the National Recreation and Parks Association.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Strickler has lived on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for the past fifteen years, working with many organizations in the public sector with close proximity to Salisbury over the past ten years, like the Town of Ocean City.

Looking ahead towards the future of the City of Salisbury’s Housing and Community Development Department, Strickler is excited to work with and get to know the local community, as well as make a difference in the lives of the people living in Salisbury.

“I look forward to working with a progressive government that is committed to enriching the lives of those we serve and which makes Salisbury a better place to work, live, and play. I am excited to partner with community leaders to highlight Salisbury’s diverse culture and cherish historic attributes that create a strong foundation to support growth and development in Salisbury and on the Eastern Shore at large,” shared Strickler.

“On behalf of the City of Salisbury, we thank Everett for his 31 years of service and stepping up to the position of Director 2 years ago. The Department has moved leaps and bounds since his taking control at the helm. We wish him well as he re-enters retirement and spends his well-earned time with his family,” added City Administrator Glanz.