WGMD Program Update

The RedMaryland.com Segment with Greg Kline and State Senator Mary Beth Carozza are going to switch spots Thursday because of an event that Mary Beth is attending that morning so she will be at 750 and the RM Segment will be at 820. 


23 April Open Discussion

JT is taking care of himself.  Please be patient and let him work through what he has to work through.  He does appreciate those who wish him well.  Have a great day.

Some of you never cease to amaze me….I can only take comfort that in the end you will be held accountable for every word spoken or unspoken.


WGMD Program Update

Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan has been moved to Tuesday at 740
Wednesday at 840-Berlin Councilman Zack Tyndall
Thursday at 750-RedMaryland.comSegment with Greg Kline
                    820-State Senator Mary Beth Carozza
Friday at 740-Michael Swartz-Local Author of The Rise and Fall of the Tea Party (And How it Elected Donald Trump)