Subrunners Pizza Review

My newest pizza review is from subrunners. Subrunners isn’t really known for its pizza but I wanted to add any location that serves pizza to my list.

I’m not going to bad mouth any location but just like I stated I wanted to compare in a list of my favorite to least favorite.

Ponzettis is definitely New York style but with slightly thicker cheese and grease than others I have tasted so far. I found the tomato sauce to be tangy but it had a better crust than Ponzettis in my opinion.

The taste I have to say was very mediocre . It was ok but of the reviews so far it ranks bottom of the list. I found the cheese to be overly gooey and the bacon wasn’t as flavorful as others. Overall it was just ok

Ponzettis Pizza Review

As I continue my local pizza reviews I chose Ponzettis this week.

Ponzettis is classic Salisbury having been around since the 60’s with many generations having fond memories of times eaten there.

Ponzettis pizza has been famous around the area for a long time and it had been a bit since I had one so this is a fresh review.

Ponzettis is definitely New York style with the right amount of grease and an easily foldable slice to give you that authentic New York feel. It has a very good taste with a decent crust. I haven’t really gotten into like a certain rating but am doing more comparative to previous pizza reviewing.

I definitely recommend you give Ponzettis a chance however in a head to head comparison I personally enjoyed Delmar Pizza better.Stay tuned next week for the latest pizza review

Eastern Shore Hit By Multiple Tornados

Reports are coming in that at least 3 confirmed tornadoes have struck out area including one in Salisbury. What did you see?

It’s Time For The Silent Majority To Stand Proud And Loud

As this continuing display of childish behavior from anarchist across the Country continues, it is time for the silent majority to stand out and be loud and proud. This isn’t a movement for black lives, this is liberal anarchists who want no rules and repercussions for their actions. A group of children who need participation trophies while waiting for their mommies to make their cereal for them.

We cannot continue to allow these children to feel so powerful because they are obnoxious. The brave men and women of law enforcement are having to deal with this nonsense continually, and we need to start showing support for them publicly and loudly.

The more we continue to sit back and allow this behavior the longer it will continue. Show your support with American flags and pro law enforcement attire. When organizers have back the blue rallies, show up and be loud. Create an event in your area and plan and organize. We must take our Country back.

Bob Culver Has Passed Away

Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver Has Passed Away

Gordon’s In Crisfield Mask Wars

It seems as if someone decided going after Gordon’s for not making people wear masks was a good idea and has set the town into an uproar . Gordon’s is legendary so word of advise I would knock the shit off

The Hype Is Real Delmar Pizza Review

Meat Lovers Pizza

As someone who has lived on the shore their entire life, and obviously eaten too much food I realized I had never eaten or tasted anything from Delmar Pizza. Delmar Pizza has always had a reputation of having the best pizza on the shore , and having just experienced first hand I agree.

The pizza I ordered was the meat lovers just standard style. You can taste the freshness of the toppings upon your first bite. The Dough they use has a special taste to it that makes it stick out from the others I have had. The crust was amazing, it had the perfect amount of flavor and crisp . It was clearly a very freshly made pizza that was made by people who know how to make a pizza .

We also got the cheesesteak and fries which were also amazing. The steak was marinated and had the perfect blend of cheese with an amazing taste. The fries as well had a great crisp and flavor. I would definitely recommend trying this place out if you never have. It has become my go to place when I need subs or pizza.

Simply delicious



Former Salisbury City Council President Louise Smith dies

Former Salisbury City Council President Louis Smith succumbed to her battle with cancer this week. She served four years on the Salisbury City Council from 2007 to 2011 and all four as the Council President. She was a proud member Asbury United Methodist Church in Salisbury. Our hearts go out to her family and friends as she will be missed.


Obviously Black Lives Don’t Matter To Black People

4 black children gunned down by black people and yet no black lives matter protests for them

Where Is Our Local Conservative Delegation When Liberal Policies Continue To Rule The Local Populace

The main thing that I have noticed with all the liberal progressive nonsense occurring locally is the total silence from our local conservative delegation.

As elected representatives for the conservatives on the shore where are they publicly standing up for our way of life?

They sit back quietly and say nothing about the BLM/Antifa movement happening around the Country. They have not stepped up vocally or garnered any press attention to back our brave men and women in law enforcement at this terrible time.

Mary Beth Carozza is the only one with the courage from this group that I have seen, to make a proud public statement supporting our brave law enforcement officials.

The others should be ashamed of being wishy washy cowards who are more worried about not offending people then about the conservatives who put them in the position they hold.

Julia Glanz , Jake Day And The City Of Salisbury Tell All Who Disagree They Simply Don’t Care

I was reading articles regarding the City Of Salisbury renaming Broad Street into Black Lives Matter Blvd and as suspected the sentiment that Jake Day has shown for years since elected Mayor has passed on to Julia Glanz. This is a screen clip from Julia’s interview with the Salisbury Independent regarding the renaming of the street.

“We Won’t Fear Alienating Those Who Choose Hate Over Equality”

The wording sounds so inspirational except when you think about who gets to decide what is hate and what is rational discussion regarding the choices a Liberal Mayor and a Liberal City Administrator make.