Lowereasternshorenews Back To My Property Again

Greetings everyone it’s Jonathan Taylor . It has been quite a bit of time since I have owned this site but within the past few days that changed. I came back for a few weeks when the Covid outbreak was in full force because I felt like I owed that to all the followers to the site from all the years running it. The previous owner asked if I wanted to make some posts as a guest during that time while they were trying to figure out what they were going to do with the site. This week that changed as they decided they wanted to unload it.

Now that I have regained ownership again I want to redesign the site and make modifications. Everyone who was ever banned from the Facebook page has been unbanned . I am not and will not be at war with any particular person or thing. I owe no politician any favors which honestly kept me from doing a better job running this site in the past . I ask that you share the news and give me a few days to change things up for a fresh slate and idea for the site . It will not sit idle I promise you